05 December 2011

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 9

It looks like Yuu have another Arcana through the bond that he created with his friends. This Arcana is called Hanged Man and I think he'll be needing it in this episode when he has to fought a shadow.

That shadow surely will belong to Rise, an idol who was tired of her star life and decided to take a break at Inaba, where the guys are. She met Yuu first and of course Yuu has no clue of who she was until he saw her on the news. The guys thought that Rise could be the next victim and they were right. Rise appeared in the Midnight Channel wearing nothing but pantsu and bra. Well, it certainly fits the title of the episode: "no one sees the real me".

meet Rise

They went to Rise's tofu shop and told her about the Midnight Channel and the kidnapping that has been going on around that town. In the middle of their conversation, Yuu's uncle came in and he certainly wasn't happy to see Yuu there, even more so when he knew they had warned Rise to be careful.

They stalked her and helped her out with her fan but she was still pretty much being targeted by the culprit. I am not happy thought that she's spending way too much time with Yuu.

YousukexYuu 4EVA!
(c) pixiv id 3664712

Rise said that being an idol wasn't the real her but she was only deceiving herself. She loved that kind of life which was why she was affected when her manager came to Inaba bearing news of her rival Kanami getting the lead role that was supposed to be hers. The always observant Yuu noticed this but of course Rise was being a bitch and denied it to the best of her abilities.

Urgh, just let the culprit took her, which he did at the end of the episode. This means the guys are going inside the TV to rescue her in the next episode. I do not look forward to that.

After two very enjoyable episodes, this one kind of a set back. The animation quality for this episode was kinda sad. At one time they just say there and kept exchanging words like retards. Sometimes the hands were bigger than the face as well. Or maybe I was just being a nitpick fucker because I don't like Rise.

I think Yousuke looks way hotter than Rise as a girl
(c) Mikuni

p/s: Sometimes Rise sounded like Kagura and I can't help but smiled at that. But other than Kagura, I always ended up hating Rie's characters. Also, there is nothing wrong with Chie's legs, as Yuu has observed.

indeed :3


Evidently Yosuke prefers skinny legs.

Rise is nicer than you think, you'll see :)

that's what everybody has been telling me and I hope you guys are right. I hate it when a character ruined my show.

and... are you saying that Yuu doesn't like Chie's legs much?

Yuu likes Chie's legs, though even if he didn't he'd be polite and say he liked them.

Yosuke doesn't like Chie's legs, because Chie is a sporty type and her legs are sturdier than he likes.

lol for some reason I find it important for Yuu to like Chie's legs. Oh god what have I become...

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