06 December 2011

Kimi to Boku: Episode 9

I didn't know that Kaname is the class representative as well as a member of the student council. In real life I would probably prefer not to be friends with people like Kaname but in anime, I found them very endearing and attractive. Hmm, maybe I should have dated /that/ guy in high school. If any of my friends bothered to read this post, they knew exactly who I was talking about lol

Anyhoo, it's the summer festival and every class is busy preparing for it. Yuta and Shun's class is going for cafe with a twist theme in which they are going to cross dress. Yuki, Chizuru and Kaname's class on the other hand is doing the stereotypical haunted house and man, Kaname sure is a busy guy, and a very responsible one at that which just makes him hotter imo.

Yuta and Kaname are probably the only responsible and matured characters in this show
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Yuki and Chizuru didn't help out at all and now I understood why Kaname is always so stressed out. I would too if everyone went to him for help but didn't do anything in return.

On the other hand, they were busy playing with Yuta and Shun, who were busy helping out with their class preparation. They went to Azuma-sensei because Shun needed something for the festival and they ended up discussing about the kind of girl tha Azuma-sensei preferred.

Yuki and Chizuru were totally useless. They can't even make copies of some document right but I must admit, Chizuru's way of embracing anything for the first time is quite effective. I might try it myself but being 30, I don't think there's a lot of first time left for me, except having sex maybe?

heh, the usual

Yuki and Chizuru keep fucking up one task after the other but it's okay because Kaname is always around to bail them out. In fact he's always around to bail anyone who needed his help. Isn't he the sweetest. Despite how he complains, he still enjoyed the company of his friends and that is something that I truly appreciate about this show.

aren't they hot? <3
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p/s: It looks like Kaname is still being a tsundere with Azuma-sensei.

I love the pun


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