04 December 2011

Most Amazing (Mo.A) Concert

I wasn't aware that MoA existed which mean I didn't have a clue that Mnet was organizing the concert or who the acts were until my friend Farhana, a new fan of Super Junior, pointed it out to me. By the way, she is so into K-pop nowadays that she even attended Mnet Asian Music Award that was held in Singapore last Tuesday. She asked me to join her but I guess I wasn't that big of a fan just yet. Anyway, lucky for her that Super Junior came for that award as well. I was quite jelly but then again, I didn't bother to watch the live telecast on 8tv.

But this post isn't about the award (by the way, Super Junior won three awards: Album of the Year, Male Group Award and Singapore's Choice - also Yesung shed some manly tears T_T). This post is about me attending the MoA Concert.

Yes, I did attend the concert. To be truly honest, I wasn't really planning on attending it at all, knowing that Super Junior will only sing a few songs and the fact that I don't exactly give a damn about the other acts. But my friend was so excited about it I don't have a heart to decline her especially it was rumored that this might be the last concert for Leetuk in Malaysia since he'll be joining the army soon enough. So naturally all ELF feels obligated to attend MoA just on that rumor alone and I sort of feel guilty too if I didn't grab this opportunity to see Leetuk for the last time (hopefully he'll be back again after 2 years).

I arrived at the stadium around 5.30pm and quickly met up with my friend and her stoked cousins/friends. They are 15 years old and their excitement level was way over the roof. Ah, so good to be that young and energetic. Me on the other hand, can feel a major headache forming especially during the line up to get into the stadium. It took an hour and a half before the organizer finally let us in. I was about ready to pass out. The organizer really need to learn a thing or two about organizing a concert, especially when the fans are obsessed maniacs like us. There were no security outside the stadium, where it should be, because people were pushing and what not to get into the stadium. They were no lines at all and they only opened 2 very small gates. I mean, WTF? It won't hurt to open 2 more gates god damn you since you have that many crews standing around doing nothing!

Oh well, what's done is done. Now for the stage. It was quite a disappointing because it's quite far from where we were seated, granted that we paid for the cheapest tix but if I paid double the price for VIP tix, I won't be satisfied either. Thankfully though the sound system was superb.

cikai giler tix

The show started right on the dot: 7.30pm with some unknown Malaysian (Chinese) artist as the opening act and then Miss A took the center stage. I was entertained and they are sexy as hell! After Miss A, it was B1A4 turn. Let me just make it clear that I hated this group. They are too much of an attention whore for my liking. Maybe I was the only one who feel that way inside the stadium because everyone else went bananas when they performed. I phailed to see what was so attractive about these guys who think they are cute as fuck. I hated guys like that. I would totally go bananas if it was Block B on the stage though. Kyung is one good looking guy and he doesn't even have to try.

Next up was f(x) and I was quite surprised at the amount of Amber fans in Malaysia. She was probably my least likeable member of f(x) at first but after last night, I think she might be the most attractive among the girls. Irony isn't it, given her persona. Between these two girl acts, I was more entertained watching Miss A compared to f(x) simply because they can sing better. During B1A4 and f(x) performance, my headache threatened to split my head open so I was pretty quiet and even borderline emotionless when I watched them. My friend must thought that I was a party pooper lol

And then the performance I was waiting for. Heh, who was I kidding... everyone came to the concert because of Super Junior. Everyone was wearing blue and brought the blue light stick with them. It was a sea of sapphire blue last night and thus when f(x) ended their performance, the stadium went CRAZY. The level of support was notably different from the other first three performances. No one was sitting. Everybody was up on their feet, jumping with excitement and screaming their lungs out from start to finish. It was pure madness. It was freaking awesome and my headache was forgotten for the next half and hour.

They started off with the obligatory Superman before moving on to Acha and Mr. Simple. They stopped for few minutes to introduce themselves before Yesung took the center stage with "It has to be you" which I am most grateful for. This just brought back the memory of SS3 where he sang that same song and that became my most fav performance of the night. It came close tonight to be my fav performance as well but then they sang Memories which just made me jizzed in my pantsu. Other than that, they also sang Marry U (would have been perfect if all thirteen of them are around), Bonamana and ended the show with Sorry Sorry. I hope my friend wasn't too disappointed that they didn't sang Oops.


At the end of the show, Leetuk kinda confirmed that this might be his last show in Malaysia which surprisingly saddened me. Just thinking about it kinda makes me wanna shed some tears. I couldn't take my eyes off of him last night. Man, I truly gonna missed him in SS4 then. He is always a dear when it comes to us fans T__T

And so my ranking has gone through another change (excluding the members who weren't around):

  1. Kyuhyun
  2. Yesung
  3. Leetuk
  4. Eunhyuk
  5. Sungmin (he was way too serious last night)
  6. Ryeowook
  7. Donghae
  8. Siwon
  9. Shindong (and he was too quiet)

Gah! SS4 Singapore and Malaysia: I'M GOING BY HOOK OR BY CROOK!

All in all, I think it wasn't just us fans who had fun. All the performers were having a blast as well. I can truly say that we Malaysian know how to show our support and hopefully they were grateful for that.

Oh yeah, before I end this post, while lining up to get into the stadium, I saw Kyuhyun arriving at the stadium in a van. He was with Shindong and Siwon but I only saw him with his stripe shirt and his cap. God he's dreamy. After that I sorta saw B1A4 as well but who gives a damn about them.

Thanks Farhana. Next up is SS4... or FT Island concert? hehehehe

So my life isn't all about anime. How surprising >_>

p/s: I am still fapping.


you are crazy girl!

lol apa pasal plak?

hi there! i'm seating at the VIP seat but as u said..it's not like what i'm expected the seat was farrrr away from the stage..lucky to those whose at rock zone..i should have listen to my friends to join her at rock zone..but anyway..SUJU does ROCK us..^^

SUJU rock us good but 7 songs were too little to satisfy us fans. This was definitely a teaser for SS4. I hope Leetuk will still be around in February

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