03 December 2011

Anime: Winter 2011/12

Winter season is approaching us and before we knew it, December is already upon us, marking the end of the year. With that, moetron has came up with the third version for the seasonal anime chart for our viewing pleasure.

Few anime have been added to the list which weren't in my first version of the Winter preview. Here I am hoping that these new added anime will add some value to initially quite disappointing season (if compared to Fall 2011).

I'm going to do this my usual way by dividing these shows according to my preference. First up is the MUST WATCH (indefinitely) list. I was taken for a ride in the previous season, where UN-GO and Guilty Crown were the biggest let down of the season. I never thought I would such say things for shows that are featured in noitaminA.

  • I am crazy for Kimi to Boku and I figured I will love Daily Lives of High School Boys even more so knowing that Sugita Tomokazu is cast as one of the main character. This comedy show will definitely tickles my funny bones. I don't even care that the characters look kinda derpy.
  • I am not going to pass up the opportunity to watch the only horror show of the season. Another is a novel adaptation and so I expect it to be well-written. It has been a while since I watched anything scary.

Next category is the shows that have the potential to be something more than average and might get a bump to be included in my MUST WATCH list.

  • I don't know where did I got the idea. Maybe I dreamed it but I think I saw Inu x Boku SS trailer and I jizzed in my pantsu. So yeah, definitely going to watch this not just because the the mentioned of wolf (who is a heterochromia!) but because of Sugita Tomokazu. I am such a seiyuu fag ^_^
  • Kyousogiga sounds like a twisted Alice in Wonderland which is great but that is not the reason why I want to watch this. It has to do with the whole art and animation. From what I can see from the synopsis, it definitely tickles my taste bud. I figure Glo would love this because of Rie.
  • I still haven't watched the OVA. I guess I have to do that fast so I can watch the TV series for Black Rock Shooter. Furthermore, this one is featured in noitaminA. Jeebus, I am starting to lost faith in noitaminA =\
  • How can I resist a show full of men, not to mention that Ono Daisuke is one of the cast as well. Brave 10 should be good. I might even checked out the manga just to familiarize myself.
  • I got a feeling that Kill Me Baby will be brilliant with it's witty comedy. I hope I am not wrong with one.
  • After Mirai Nikki, I have become a fan of asread and will give the show they produced a chance, especially if it has something to do with kicking ass. From the poster, Busou Chuugakusei Basketarmy might fit the description. Too bad it's only 3 minutes long per episode plus it is going to be once every two months anime instead of weekly. Lets hope I have a patience for it.

Now that we have got those out of the way, it is time for the average shows that might be dropped for being predictable and cliche. This all depends on first impression. Yeah, I am cruel and very picky when it comes to my anime. I can be very fickle too.

  • I have never seen any of the prequels but I feel like watching New Prince of Tennis just so that some of the yaoi I read will make sense.
  • Rinne no Lagrange promised some mecha and the story if by Production I.G. This one should be promising.
  • I have a sinking feeling that Papa no lu Koto o Kikinasai! is going to make me rant unless the romance is somewhat well written. I bet one of the girls (most probably the one with ponytails) is a tsundere. If she is then this one will reek with cliche shit.
  • I am not familiar with Onegai Teacher/Onegai Twins franchise so I am trying not to be judgmental and brush Ano Natsu de Matteru off simply because the female protagonist has big boobs. Lets just hope the romance will over shine the ecchiness.
  • Area no Kishi looks to be quite predictable but a story of two bishie who happen to be brothers? I won't pass up a BL opportunity lol
  • Since I didn't get the chance to watch Nichijou when it aired, I might pick up the ETV version and see what I have been missing.

And here are the shows that will be on my pending list because I have yet to watch the first season/prequel/whatever:

  • I feel like a tool for still keep the other prequels on my on hold list. One of these day I'm gonna go on a binge so I can catch up to Natsume Yuujin-chou Shi.
  • Same goes for Amagami SS+ plus though I doubt I will like this series anyway.
  • I know Glo is gonna cum all over the place with the latest season of Zero no Tsukaima F. Unfortunately I have to put this one on hold as well. I don't even have the prequel seasons to begin with T__T
  • Argh fuck I better hurry up and watch Bakemonogatari so I can watch Nisemonogatari. Otherwise I have a feeling that I'll be clueless with the anifags convo. Pfft who cares anyway.

All that is left are the shows that I won't bothered with except if I'm really bored and has nothing better to do than waste my time raging. In other words, the shitty/ecchi shows. It could also be the show that I'm curious about but know that I only watch the first episode to prove that I'm right at how bad it is.

  • I am mostly unsure about Gokujyo. I guess I have to see the first episode and goes from there. It kinda look ecchi, doesn't it, whats with pantsu and lacey bra shot.
  • Aquarion EVOL is a sequel but you don't have to watch the prequel because it featured new cast. Judging by the poster, this one has the potential to be either really retarded or really bad. Oh hey, it's also a mecha and is that a bishie I spotted?
  • I got the urge to facepalming after I read the synopsis for Recorder to Randoseru 11 years old kid who looks like a grown man? 17 year old sister than looks like an elementary school kid? That just annoyed the fuck out of me already.
  • I hate cats to begin with so I don't think I will do well with Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki unless they have the same weird humor as Nyanpire the Animation. I doubt it though.
  • I dropped the first season so obviously I won't be bothered by the second season of Tantei Milky Homes 2. It is too childish for me.
  • Mouretsu Pirates is based on a light novel titled "Mini-Skirt Kaizoku". Err yeah I don't need to explain further >_>
  • Twei Wing sounds retarded (for some reason twang comes to mind and I associate that word with a penis >_>) so I'm not looking forward to Senhime Zesshou Symphogear.
  • High School DxD looks like a harem/ecchi show. This one is bound to make me rage.

Looking at the OVA, OAD and Specials, there are several shows that caught my attention, aside from the usual one like Usagi Drop, Steins;Gate, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira and Ikoku Meiro no Croisee. They are:

  • Ura Mirai Nikki because I can't get enough of Yuno Gasai.
  • Even though I have no idea what it was all about (and too lazy to search on MAL or ANN), Holy Night looks promising. I suspect that it would somehow be about vampire or something similar.
  • I will not miss the chance to watch a ufotable production which mean I look forward to Yuri Sejin Naoko-san, the first of the Anime Bunko series. Having said that, it doesn't really have the "dark" theme that is so well-known and one that we can associate with ufotable.
  • Then there is Minori Scramble, the second of the Anime Bunko series. It looks to have the same kind of outlook as the first anime of the series.
  • Gyo is the third and final series for Anime Bunko and unlike the other two, this one definitely looks more familiar to the other ufotable shows. Needless to say, I am the most stoke to watch this one.
  • My season won't be complete without a yaoi series and after a year of delay, Ao no Kusabi is finally getting the remake.

I'm not sure if the movies will be available online for the Winter. I think it was the release for theaters. Either way I am sure as hell looking forward to some:

  • K-ON! the movies. Yeah. I'm retarded. I missed Ritsu -__-
  • Hell yeah I'm not gonna missed Rurouni Kenshin: Shin Kyoto-Hen.
  • The Moon: Tsugi ga Hoshii to Oujo-sama ga Naita looks promising. That or I'm just a sucker for good arts and animation.
  • I'm still gonna leech .Hack// The Movie. I have all the series including the previous movies. I want my collection to be complete when I finally decide to watch them.
  • Whoa... the most interesting movie besides Kenshi gotta be Berserk Golden Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler. I hope the story is not about sperm *shoots head*

I am a little disappointed though because there is not a single anime produed by A-1 Pictures. Having said that it looks like Sugita Tomokazu is getting busy again! He has been pretty quiet lately (his only recent role is Switch in SKET Dance and of course Gintoki) and I missed him. So that kind make up for the lack of A-1 Pictures shows. I hope they are going to come back with an amazing anime comes Spring.

I wonder if Winter has always been this bad but we got Madoka and Level E last year for Winter. I rather have one excellent and brilliant show than 10 shitty shows with gigantic boobies. Hmm... looks like I have less to watch for Winter compared to this season. Almost half of the show ended up on my average and shitty lists. Maybe with that small number of shows to watch for the season I might finally have the time to go through my on-hold list. Blessing in disguise?


Well I read chapter 1 of Gokujyo because I found nothing of consequence about the series. Let's just say...you might be a raging!

Lets just say that I am usually pretty spot on with my review. Having said that, I always wish to see the lesser shows to prove me wrong, that they are indeed brilliant.

I mean my PREVIEW. Orz typo

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