01 December 2011

Bleach: Chapter 475

Rukia has woken up from her slumber and I am glad to report that she acted like herself. Also, she was in denial about Yukio's undefeatable ability and couldn't believe that they can't do anything to help out Ichigo. She suspected that something was off. From how she acted, I have a feeling that she might not know of what were being said inside that pocket dimension about the Soul Society and particularly her squad captain. If that is true that I'm all smile ^_^

never actually realized that Kenpachi's hair is that long...

and then BAM!! the pocket dimension crashed and before I knew it there was Ichigo looking mighty fine in his new fucking shinigami outfit. Yep, our heroic protagonist got himself another transformation for his bankai. That's not all though, his zanpaktou got an upgrade too and that got me jizz in my pantsu. It looks freaking awesome!

But the fight was far from over. In fact it just started and his bankai was the reason the dimension crashed in the first place. I would be mighty pissed too if the people around me wouldn't SHUT THE FUCK UP and acted like I can't think for myself. Well, guess what people, Ichigo is basically a grown up men now. I was absolutely stoke when Ichigo told them of what he thought. Now, that's more like it.

Given that he already knew what he was up against, he made his choice and he chose to protect with his own hands. That sort of thinking is what differentiate him and the fullbingers. Ginjou's plan to turn Ichigo against Soul Society pretty much fucked up so he opted plan B: kill Ichigo.

As expected, Ginjou went bankai as well and thankfully his bankai didn't has any resemblance to Ichigo. Hopefully it won't have the same kind of attack as Ichigo because that would be fucking retarded and completely ruin this fight.

I am completely relieve that this didn't turn out as Ginjou hoped it would be because after all these years that would just be wrong, not after all the bonds that have been created over the years. Having said that, I won't mind if Ichigo decided to kill the old fuck though.

Also I really do hope that we have seen the last of Riruka, and that she fled the scene when Byakuya came to rescue Rukia. I would hate it if the fight with fullbringers are unnecessarily prolonged.

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Man! I love Ichigos new bankai look, his new sword looks really awesome and Ginjou's bankai? Holy hell that looks sweet. I was happy to see Rukia again and watch her face go WTF when Ichigo broke through that barrier.

I have a feeling the Riruka is hiding within Rukia... and might show up at the most inopportune moment lol.

Ginjou has his own move set, so yeah I hope he'll stop using Ichigo's moves in the fight.

Fosh, Rukia makes me happy too. Always ^__^
Also, now that I get a closer look at Ginjou's bankai, his looked like Ichigo's fullbring...

As for Riruka hiding within Rukia, I thought of the same thing, didn't I but now I wish it wasn't so. I hate to see Ichigo's fight gets interrupted by such petty unimportant character.

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