27 October 2011

Persona 4 The Animation: Episode 3

I'm not happy that I'm late for this episode but that what happened when I traveled; my schedule often fucked up and I don't always have reliable internet connection. I remember back in February when I was at Bandung, Indonesia, this blog hardly got any update and my reader stats plummeted. I'm still trying to recover from it. Anyway...

Yousuke's Persona is known as Magician Arcanum and the power of his Persona depends on the bond between him and Yuu. Or that's how I understand it as it was explained in the Velvet Room.

Chie's kick: you don't see it coming

When Chie can't contacted Yukiko, she came running to school to meet Yuu and Yousuke. She had reasons to worried since all three of them thought they saw Yukiko in the Midnight Channel the night before. Chie was obviously distressed about it. Yukiko has been her friends since they were a child.

They all went to the store again to check things out but Kuma (the bear) said he didn't sense anyone else in that other dimension. They were skeptical and so they decided to check the Midnight Channel again tonight and whadda ya know... Once again Yukiko appeared, seemingly ready to give up her virginity as she searched for her prince.

So the three of them decided to meet up the next day when Yousuke brought fake swords with him which aroused suspicion from the public and authority. I can't help but laughed at his idiocy. If I found his comic relief rather annoying at first, it has begin to grow on me.

I am aroused as well lol

Yuu and Yousuke were brought in to the police station for questioning. After all two murders happened not too long ago. They have to be careful.

Chie waited for them at the police station and what they feared happened: Yukiko has gone missing. The police suspected her as the murderer which made Chie lost her self control and made her determined to save Yukiko and clean her name. So they went inside and arrived at the place where Yukiko was last seen in the Midnight Channel. Even Kuma agreed that Yukiko was there.

Since Chie didn't wear the glasses, she was oblivious to all the shadows around her so it was up to Yousuke and Yuu to summon their Persona and saved the day. Just like Yousuke, Chie too heard voices of Yukiko and then her other self appeared too. Basically Chie had to go down the same route as Yousuke to obtain her Persona. Because I've seen it before, it became quite bothersome and borderline cliche.

But she served her purpose. In the moment of distressed Yuu learned that he was the chosen one thus he received an Arcuna where he can wield more than one Persona. That was how we gotta meet Pyro Jack.

yes, the one to pierce through my bad Barnivall. Man, that joke never gets old lol

In the end, they didn't manage to find Yukiko but Chie has her Persona so the rescue mission will be more fun to watch. At least I hope it will be.

Interestingly I can see the changes in Yuu. He was quiet and seemingly uncaring in the first episode but as he bonds with Yousuke and Chie, he starts to chat more and even developing sense of humor. I loved the quiet Yuu but hell I love a funny Yuu even more! He's so smooth :D

so subtle :D

As I see it, Persona deals a lot with bonds and friendships. I think it was a good concept overall because no matter how egoistic a bastard can be, s/he still needs friend be it imaginary, real or online. We can't live in this damn world of ours without forming a bond with someone. It is just part as human nature. I won't delve much into this since @fkeroge already did so you peeps better read what he has to say about it.

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