26 October 2011

Fate/Zero: Episode 4

The fight between Lancer and Saber resumed. Interestingly Saber admits that Lancer has a pretty face. Hmm, too bad you have to kill him, huh? Once again Ufotable fucking blows my mind away with the quality of the fight. Needless to say, I sorta wet my pantsu watching them exchanging blows after blows of awesomeness. It truly is a fight fit for the King of Knights.

Both Lancer and Saber has their own advantages. Saber couldn't figure out which one of Lancer's spear is the Noble Phantasm and she can't predict which spear will move first, whether the longer or the shorter one. As for Lancer, he isn't sure how long Saber's sword really is so he can't be too close when attacking out of fear that it will bite him back in the ass.

Rider and Waver aren't the only one who are watching the fight. Emiya and Maiya are there too and they both noticed that someone, possibly Lancer's Master, has put up a barrier. Emiya has no problem locating Lancer's master Kayneth (that professor of Waver) and just as he is about to take him down, he notices Assassin. He is wise enough not to let Maiya fight the Assassin at the moment since she is no match for them. I think it was kinda retarded that Assassin can be spotted that easily. Is it a trap? Aren't they supposed to be the master in hiding? Failed much, Assassin?

The Assassin reports straight to Kirei who in turn reports to Tokiomi. These two and their dirty schemes... >_>

Halfway through the fight, Lancer's Master issues Lancer an order to finish the fight and eliminate Saber as soon as possible. He even allowed Lancer to use his Noble Phantasm, which turns out is his longer spears.

dayyum dat mole! Hhhnnnnnnggghhhhhh ♥

You call it Noble Phantasm because it's special. With just one clash of their spear and sword, Lancer can figure out the sword that Saber is using, which in turn will expose Saber's true name as well.

Jeebus, Lancer and his spear should be deemed illegal. They are mentally raping the women (read: ME)

Don't lie, you are thinking of /his/ measurement, aren't you?

Saber has it rough. She planned her attack but she's the one getting wounded. But thanks to that Saber manages to figure out that the red blade (Gae Derg) of Lancer's spear canceled out magic (and later found out that the yellow spear (Gae Buide) inflicts wound that none can recover from). Since Saber's armor is made of magic, she takes them off and fight Lancer with only her clothes on. Very bold and obviously this turns Lancer on. Heh.

The fight is not going to end so easily though. Both Saber has severed a tendon and thus only one hand can be used in the fight. If that's not enough, Rider and Waver decide to join them. Well, Rider more so than Waver since he doesn't want to miss the opportunity to fight with the best.


Oh jeebus, Scamp was right. Fate/Zero does sorta turn out to be Rider/Waver adventure and it pissed me off because I don't like either one of them. I do not appreciate the fact that Rider interrupted the epic fight for his own satisfaction. Now episode 5 has no choice but to be exceptional to make up for this stupid development. Maybe we finally get to see Kiriya and Berserk? That would be great!

p/s: Lancer's name is Diarmuid of the Love Spot, Knights of Fianna. I checked out wiki and he was definitely a knight who caused major b0nar because of his love-spot. Lucky man indeed.


Well, well, I was absent last week, so here are also my thoughts about episode 3:

See?;D I only said THIS Assassin is dead. I never said there was more than one(yes, he is dead. both Kirei and the female Assassin confirm it in the Light Novel and mentioned that even though he was the weakest one without, it was like losing a finger. And the Assassin army is a unique ability of THIS summoned Assassin. You can't always summon an army of Assassins). :>

Maiya's kiss was a wake-up call. The anime can't show Kirei's and Kiritsugu's thoughts very well, but Kiritsugu always has to think about Ilya, Iri and his happy life with his family. Maiya tells him to focus and this scene shows the audience that he has become once again the merciless Magus Killer, who will sacrifice everything and everyone(even the people he cares for, including Maiya and his family) necessary to make his ideal come true.
Btw, he knew Maiya before joining the Einzbern family, but you might(probably) see her past in another episode.

Sort of a FSN SPOILER for those who haven't read the VN/watched the anime:

As we all know from that famous scene of Kiritsugu and Shirou, Kiritsugu told Shirou that he once wanted to become a hero to save the world and Shirou promised to fulfill Kiritsugu's wish and borrowed Kiritsugu's old ideal. A certain Shirou then became Archer and realized the thing Kiritsugu also realized later and what Saber often had to do:

You can't save everyone, you WILL have to sacrifice a few people.

However, Archer always regretted doing it and was later betrayed by this ideal(after he became a heroic spirit/Counter Guardian). Saber shut off her human emotions as king(which led to her downfall) and made a contract to become a Servant after obtaining the Holy Grail. The crucial difference between those two and Kiritsugu is that Kiritsugu then abandoned his old(Archer's) ideal and just accepted this fact to sacrifice others. As I've said before, he killed his foster parent together with a very dangerous target to reduce damage and then changed his ideal.

The real reason he doesn't want to talk with Saber is because he despises heroes(quite ironic, right?), even though he once wanted to become one himself, once. Just like Saber and Archer, he hates war(and has seen war in his time as a mercenary with his own eyes), but heroes remind people that there is sth good in shedding blood and that pisses him off.

As he already said in episode 1, he will cause Iri's death, which isn't very surprising if you have watched the FSN anime. Saber told Shirou that Kiritsugu destroyed the Holy Grail. The von Einzberns always provide the vessel for the next war and Ilya was the vessel of the fifth war. Now put one and one together
---> Irisviel was the vessel of the fourth war. Why destroy the Holy Grail after he was so close to obtain it? Those who watched FSN know it already, but that's enough spoiler for now.


Now on to episode 4 ;D:

Kiritsugu and Shirou are actually not real "Magi", but only "magecraft users". He is hated and feared by magi at the same time because of his unorthodox methods to use modern tools like sniper rifles and so on. That's why Kayneth didn't notice him and Assassin was careless. Kiritsugu and Maiya didn't use the crane on purpose because they knew, bystanders would use this spot. Assassin can't be detected by other Magi and Servants because of his ability. Sure, he could have gone to spirit form, but he didn't expect a heretic like Kiritsugu who uses modern tools.

Yeah, Lancer is Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. His ED pic is a reference to this here: www.myguideireland.com/images/stories/Ireland/diarmuid-and-grainne.jpg
(And where the heck is his sword? It's even in the picture)

About his love spot: Weren't you wondering why Irisviel wasn't effected? I mean, sure, Saber has got great magic resistance, but a normal woman or magi without any protection or resistance will inevitably fall in love with him(like Grainne did). However, Iri - as a homunculus of the von Einzbern, who specialize in alchemy and are all great magi(healing amgic is actually high clas magic) - she also has great magic resistance. However...(spoiler?)*cough*Sola-Ui*cough*(spoiler end)

And imo, Lancer is quite weak. Sure, in this episode it looks like he might be as strong as Saber, but she was just careless. He already showed his abilities and Saber shouldn't have too many problems with him. Iri can heal wounds from Gae Dearg and she won't get hit by Gae Buidhe that easily anymore. The attack at the end was aimed at her throat and thanks to her instincts, she was still able to doghe the attack somehow.

And people shouldn't compare Gae Buidhe to Gae Bolg. Gae Bolg's curse is difficult to heal, but not impossible. Gae Buidhe's IS impossible to heal, unless you destroy Gae Buidhe or kill Lancer. It will reduce the maximum HP you have, so to say. ;D

Gae Bolg's real curse was the one-hit-kill("strike the heart without fail", only way to avoid getting hit is high luck - at least rank B(Saber only has rank E with Kiritsugu as her Master)- or using shields like Avalon or Rho Aias) anyway.

And don't worry. The next episode will be even more awesome. More Servants coming!

First of all, you made my day Reiki. Thank you for the lessons. I love it. You see, I don't play the game/VN or read the light novel nor do I remember most of the details in Fate/Stay Night so to have you coming in here and spend time explaining all these things to me means a lot.

I always expected Lancer to fail at some point but he's milking it for what he's worth and I like it. If there's a thing that I hate about fighting is when one of the two opposing guys start to boast and say that he's unbeatable. That pretty much is a sure sign that he's going down. What a waste.

Now that Rider has join in the fun, it should last a little while longer and more Servants? Hooray!

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