27 October 2011

Kimi to Boku: Episode 4

I still don't like Chizuru. He is just annoying and I don't give a crap about his friendship with Yuuki. In fact I don't like him precisely because of that. I guess if there's nothing you can do about something, you get jealous and envious for the thing you wish you could have obtained. That's exactly how I feel about Chizuru.

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I also don't like the fact that he kind of take the helm for group activities. The reason I loved Kimi to Boku in the first place is because of the bond these four kids have with each other. Adding Masaki or Chizuru ruined that though I assumed the whole purpose of this show is for these four boys to deeper their bond and connect with new people as well >_>

As you can probably tell, I love my circle of friends however small it is. I don't appreciate new people coming in and act as if they have known all of us all his/her life. That's being pretentious and I hate that kind of people the most. So what if you get married to my best friend? Before there's YOU, they are US. Get that in that thick skull of yours.

*cough* Sorry I get carried away lol

Anyhoo, back to episode 4 of Kimi to Boku, Chizuru's over the top attitude is really pissing me off. The fact that he's obviously gay for Yuuki just kinda throws me off the edge. Can I kill him now?

Kaname is the narrator for this episode. I love it when he starts reminiscing about their childhood at the kindergarten, just the four of them being precocious kids that they were. The twins with their tendency for trouble and Kaname for his affection for his kindergarten teacher. No wonder Kaname seemed so distant with Koichi-sensei. He was jealous of him since pre-school. As for Shun... well, he's just that flowery type of boy.

The day Koichi-sensei went to their kindergarten was the day Kaname got his heart broken. The very same day that he sorta admires Koichi-sensei too. Heh, kids are so gullible, aren't they? That what makes them so innocent ^_^

d'aawwwwww :3

Because of the mixers party that Chizuru set up, Kaname had fallen ill, no thanks to the rain. Yuuki, Yuuta, Shun and Chizuru decide to pay him a visit. It was nice to see that boys will be boys no matter what. Instead of making Kaname feels better, they just stressed him out even more. His mother isn't any help either, embarrassing Kaname by treating him like they were having an incest relationship. lmao what a cool motherfucker hahahahha

Yuuki and Yuuta obviously relish this moment and thus Kaname won't hear the end of it.

Not only that, Kaname's neighbor a.k.a childhood friend Hisako also barges in when she heard that Kaname is sick. It looks like Hisako, Kaname and her older sister is having a love triangle of some sort. I can't wait to see how that will be played out. Yosh!

Despite all the fun, there are quite few special moments throughout the episodes that makes me appreciate this show. For instance, Shun, though he's quiet and seems like someone you can push around, is actually quite observant. He notices that Kaname doesn't relies on other but he is someone you can rely on. That just goes to show how important and good a friend he is.

threesome YES PLEASE!

Oh man, I freaking love this show ♥

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