15 October 2011

First Impression: UN-GO

UN-GO is one of the two shows that are featured in noitaminA so naturally everyone is looking forward to it, including yours truly. I usually ended up watching only one show between the two and I wonder if UN-GO will be the lucky one this season. As you can see, I have a high expectation for this show.

UN-GO is a story of mystery, of solving cases. There are several key players but the main one shoud be Yuuki Shinjurou, a detective, and his trap assistant that can transform into a horny bitch called Inga who has power to convince people to answer one question (asked by her). Together they will solve cases and other mysteries but Kaishou Rinroku and his daughter Rie in the end will get the name.

I thought the setting of the story is pretty ordinary considering that this show is featured in noitaminA. It doesn't exactly ball grabbing good since I can already tell who the murderer is even before Inga appeared. It was too obvious. That in itself makes this show kinda falls short for me. In that case, how can this show falls under the mystery genre? The good news however is the fact that I love the combination of Yuuki and Inga and if I'm being honest, I am actually is extremely jealous of Inga. I wanna give Yuuki a french kiss too. LOL

Considering that UN-GO is a mystery/police kinda show, it lacks the action. The way the show brought us along for the ride to solve the mystery is nothing spectacular: less talk and more action, please. Oh, and since it's a mystery, it would have been awesome if you added some suspense and drama in it too. I'm just saying...

*snaps fingers* I guess the mysteries lies at the beginning of the episode where Yuuki was claimed to be dead and met Inga the first time. This show probably wants us to figure that out instead of the murder that took place. Hmm, quite clever.

UN-GO is produced by Bones. I'm not crazy with the studio's works. Having said that, I did enjoy No. 6, Sword of the Stranger and Star Driver to name a few. The character designs in UN-GO look far too skinny (not CLAMP style though) and some of them kinda look exactly the same. To put it in a much simpler word: boring except perhaps for Inga but she shouldn't count because she can fucking transformed! Bones also failed to evoke any emotion out of me. There is no sense of drama what so ever. I'm not just saying about the BGM but by the depiction of scenes as well. It was meh and monotonous from start to finish.

For a noitaminA series, this one kinda fail. It does not leave us with proper WOW impression and personally I feel like it is forgettable at best. The least Bones could do is to excite us with whats to come in episode 2 but nope... not even that.

My expectation though has not been crushed to the ground, it was not met.

arts & animation 7/10
story 6/10
characters 6/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6/10

ps: I'm loving that ED though!

pss: What does UN-GO even mean? Did I miss something?


What does UN-GO even mean? Did I miss something?

It's a play on the original author's name-- Sakaguchi Ango.

Ah I see. I should have do my research but I wouldn't because there are people like you who are willing to help. Thanks you ^___^

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