14 October 2011

Kimi to Boku: Episode 2

I was pretty surprised to learn that many people were not as excited as I am when it comes to Kimi to Boku. Kimi to Boku is produced by J.C. Staff and people usually adores anything that were produced by this animation studio. The backdrop of the show too is supposedly to turn people on where the characters will wear the school uniforms 90% of the time, since the set up is at school after all. I wonder what went wrong. Then it dawns on me that Kimi to Boku has four males as it's protagonists instead of four females wearing cute school uniform... Since the majority of this aniblogsphere is male, no wonder they are not taken in by this awesome show. What a shame.

But on to episode 2, shall we?

Shun is the first of the four guys to meet Masaki Sato, who looks like the typical female character of J.C. Staff: a tsundere. She should really learn to thank the person who helped her out instead of sending unlucky fortune to them. Poor Shun. Now he has a stalker who will make his life miserable. That's the price he has to pay for being nice to people. But like I said, she was a tsundere. I don't like her at all.

But at least this episode shows that Yuuta is perhaps the one closest to Shun. That's the best part of this episode, in my opinion. He was the one who combed Shun's hair in the last chapter too, wasn't he?

Anyhoo, watching these guys enjoying their bento during break reminds me of my senior year in high school where my friends and I will bring all sorts of bento to be shared. Ah, memories...

I can't say that I enjoyed this episode as much as the first one. This is all Masaki's fault >=(

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


show looks literally fucking retarded.

men are going to hate it.

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