05 October 2011

First Impression: Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle

Initially this show is categorized in the "potential to be shit" list in my Fall preview. I just don't like the sound of the synopsis. It was too overly complicated and a little bit too ambitious I think. However, here I am now sitting in front of my computer watching this shit instead of finishing a business proposal.

The show started with a high school student who looks like he has a permanent scars under his eyes, saving some dude in a cape from death as he tried to solve a puzzle that caused the earth to cave in and consequently created a lake. Like I said, they are too ambitious with the ideas.

Daimon Kaito (that's his name by the way) is self-claimed puzzle genius. He's your Indiana Jones. In short, he's an asshole. Soji, the president of a puzzle club at his school gave him a game that contains several puzzles to be solved. Once he got that cleared he receive an invitation from a Minatour, some retarded dude wearing a buffulo mask. Either he will solve the puzzle or he dies. Meh, needless threat >_>

Anyhoo, Soji is in the league with the principal to recruit student with Phi Brain and obviously Kaito is a candidate. They need him so they can get to Divine Puzzle shit whatever. But first he has fulfill the Orpheus' Contract, which he did (duh).

When I heard the name Kaito, my brain does a flip and this is the only image that comes to mind
(c) Kyou Zip

The character designs, like I pointed earlier are kind of derpy. I just don't dig it much. It's just not about the designs but the personality of the characters as well. They are kind of a typical and nothing inspirational. Thankfully though the seiyuus are all pretty excellent and that makes the characters likable to a certain extend. The episode itself is meant to be engaging but it just lack the excitement. It would have been better if the audience is allowed to figure out some one the puzzle as well. The grand idea is there but they sort of fail at the execution.

I would have dropped this if it wasn't for the preview. It seems like they will introduce a new character that will be one of the three musketeers for this show and he looks crazy enough to pique my interest.

So for now, this show survives.

art & animation 5/10
story 6/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 6.2/10


I think that new character is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

I agree that the characters look pretty weird at times, and that the scale of the Sage Puzzle was a bit ridiculous. In a way, it was the goofy aspects that I liked, however. In particular I neither believe, but greatly enjoyed the absurd idea that the principal and Student Council president would conspire to protect one of the students because he is a great puzzle solver. I guess I'm not taking it very seriously, but think it was entertaining anyway.

You're indeed right. Jun Fukuyama is Gammon.

Soji is Menatour is what I think and like you said it was ridiculous for a principal to cahoot with a student. They have this whole secret society going on. Pretty elaborate way to recruit new members, huh? Either you die or you'll join us and get this great power up for your mind >_>

I'm with you on this that the character designs are derpy and feels like blobs to me. I didn't know that this was meant to be engaging but it just felt more like... Yeahhh puzzles and kids who solves puzzles taking it to the next level tying in mysterious crap.

The next episodes looks interesting. Man, I think the game puzzle in it is that one where you have different cars on a square and you have to slide the cars in different places to get the right one off the board. Think it's called Traffic Jam or something. But yeah, the new character seems like he will be funny enough hahah.

From the preview, Gammon seems like a badass but other than him, what else to look forward to? NONE T__T

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