05 October 2011

Bleach: Chapter 467

As expected, Toushiro stops the creatures that Yukio created from attacking and that kiddo totally lost it. Jeebus, he really is getting on my nerves nowadays. Can't believe that I liked him once. Huzzah for Toushiro though for taking control by freezing Yukio and threatens to end his life if he doesn't end the pocket dimension thingy. But of course, his pride wouldn't let him do just that...

so coolio, you are Toushiro

Mean while, we are brought back to the fight between Sashigawara and Ikkaku. Sashigawara is infuriates that Ikkaku "plays dirty" by "flying". The truth is, Ikkaku is trying to figure out what kind of ability does Sashigawara has but since it is too troublesome, he quit that thought and begins to fight head on. Ikkaku is obviously underestimating the kid's ability. Sashigawara easily breaks his Hozukimaru with his fist so Ikkaku throws that down and fight like a men: fist to fist. Since Sashigawara's ability has to do with luck, the more he used it, the lesser is it's effectiveness.

Ikkaku is Kenpachi's disciple after all. Though he is bruised and fractured his bones, he take all the hits and still had that rape face, LIKE A BOSS.


And thus ends chapter 467. Nothing much going on either but surprisingly Yukio's fight is taking longer than expected. Kubo must have known that people are shipping these two shoutas.

I want to see Rukia dammit.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


"Kubo must have known that people are shipping these two shoutas."

haha! gosh, that made me laugh!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I kinda missed Ikkaku's rape face.. just saying :D

Kubo the troll really likes torturing rukia fans... *sighs deeply*

Rukia's fight better be fucking awesome...

oh hell yeah! coz there's someone that's gonna be castrated if it isn't (ihopekuboreadsthis!) haha! :D

But I have a sinking feeling that it would be disappointing. Rukia is already taken in by all those plushies >_<

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