12 October 2011

First Impression: Ben-to

In my preview for Fall, I predicted that Ben-to could possibly be the worst anime of the season just based on that synopsis alone. So far C³ is on the first place for the shittiest anime this Fall. Let see if Ben-to can beat that, shall we?

(c) Cccpo

The show started with a bang, or tried to when Satou, the typical no personality protagonist, can't seem to remember anything while he was bleeding on the floor. The fact was he was in a bento tournament and met all these boobies ladies (who are his schoolmates) and will in a matter of time be his harem.

Life is unfair.

Ben-to has nothing to offer. Absolutely none. The animation is below average. It even becomes pretentious when it comes to the actions. For something with such ridiculous story line, it can only works if it's funneh but it just failed at delivering the punch lines. Part of the fault lies with the characters. They were forgettable and nothing that you haven't seen before, typical archetype for harem. I think the show also wants to go ecchi but somehow them skimmed on it and just gives us plenty of stockings/pantyhose instead. I mean, if they already have a sure-fail story, so why the hell are they holding back? If they have gone all out with the animation as well as the comedy side of it, maybe I might ended up enjoying it like I did with Majikoi and Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.

Watching Ben-to is like watching the wall. It is just monotonous and fucking boring. It failed to evoke any emotions from me, not even rage. In that case, I am not sure which is worst: C³ or this show. Maybe they are on par.

I am most surprised to learn that this show falls under the "action" genre when it should be classified as SHIT.

art & animation 5/10
story 3/10
characters 5/10
sound 4/10
enjoyment 4/10
overall 4.2/10


The black haired girl is ruining the show for me FAST. :|

I don't even know which bitch you are referring to. I don't think I've seen her. I might have dropped this shit before she appeared. Thank God!

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