11 October 2011

Fate/Zero: Episode 2

I don't even know why do I write an episodic review for Fate/Zero. I'm most likely the least appropriate person to write anything that might add a value to this show since I have no fucking idea about the game and the franchise as a whole. *shrugs*

I suspect this episode will pretty much reintroducing the characters we met in episode 1 to expose their relationship as Master and Servant as well as introducing the other two Masters.

First up is Waver and his servant. I am surprised that King Iskandar or better known as Rider is somewhat nice despite his imposing looks but just as predicted, Rider totally owns Waver's ass. He even convinced Waver to steal some books so they can come up with a strategy for the war. Waver doesn't even get to whine or he'll be fucked like there's no tomorrow. So when Rider asked him what he wants to do with the Holy Grail, he opens up and tells Rider his reason: to be treated fairly. Not such a bad request but you don't need the Holy Grail to do that Waver. Rider thinks so too when he punches him IN DA FACE!

Poor Waver. He is supposed to be the Master but even his Servant doesn't show him any respect. This just pissed him off but he is too puny to retaliate and be in control. Or rather he can't use his command seal as he wishes since he only gets three chance to use them. However, Waver manages to convince Rider to show off his power as he calls forth the chariot. But if he wants to see him fight, then Waver has to find the other historical Servants. Good luck Waver. I'm sure you will be the first to lose.

Then the episode focuses on Emiya who is having fun with his daughter, Ilya. For some reason, I feel myself rooting for Emiya, not because Saber is his Servant but more of his personality and the fact that he used to be a cold-blooded killer. Even Saber is surprise at how kind-hearted he is as a person considering his past. Irisviel explained why Emiya is so pissed when he found out that Arthur is a girl. It's not like he is mad at Saber per say but more to the people around her for forcing the duty of a King upon a girl. Knowing that Saber easily accepted her fate will only make him madder thus why he remains silent which only pushes Saber to the edge.

Emiya's reason for hunting down the Holy Grail is noble, befitting that of Saber's image: Saving the world using the power of the Grail. What? Does he thinks he is Superman? Lucky for him that Saber too has similar purpose. Saber, Emiya and Irisviel are all about justice. I'm not buying it -___-"

The seventh and final Master just blow my fucking socks away. You can forget about what I said earlier about liking Emiya. I'm in love with this guy already.

Yup, he's a fucking psycho and basically the kind of guy that pushes the right button in my case lol. He found an old book at a storehouse about summoning demons and has since then been on a killing spree (cruelly too, I might add. Uguu~) to try and summon a demon. He doesn't looks like an evil person which just makes him even more formidable. He kind of reminds me of Shiro from Fate/Stay Night to be honest but much more cooler. Uryuu is the Master of Caster aka Bluebeard. Match made in heaven really. Uryuu does not have a clue about the Holy Grail whatever. He just wants to kill, and kill some more.

that's what I do in my free time too ^___^

And holy shit, what they did to that boya... I don't even want to think about it. That scares the bejeebus out of me. It was sudden, and cruel. They gave him hope before reaping it away from him in the most gruesome way. Awesomeness. LOL I need to see a psychiatric.

Now that there are seven Masters and Servants, the war has officially started. Looks like Kirei is the first to make his move and his first target is Tohsaka out of all the Master. Jeebus you back stabbing bastard.

Eh wait a minute. If I did my calculation right. We only have sixth Masters and Servants at the moment right? Or does Waver's lecturer included? And apparently I get my list of Servant wrong. Tohsaka didn't get Gilgamesh, he gets Archer, my most favorite Servants. Jeebus I don't even know how did I get that wrong. Rin was with Archer in Fate/Stay Night, wasn't she? so this means that Gilgamesh/Lancer is yet to be summoned and found their Master.

But wait a fucking second... that dude who kills Assassin, isn't that Gilgamesh? Fuck did I miss something? O_o

Oh yeah, Assassin is dead. I didn't expect that at all either. Kirei is definitely has something up his sleeves if he send his Servant on suicide mission like that. Don't forget that he's a Magus. He can revives Assassin if he wanted to.

a penny for your thoughts, Kirei

If there is one thing I like to say about this episode it is this: Excuse me but HOLY FUCK THE ANIMATION MAKES ME CREAM MY PANTSU! It is just like what I have come to expect from Ufotable and they certainly do not disappoint. The scenes that matter look freaking amazing. There are two in particular: when Rider wanted to demonstrate his power as well as when Assassin was on his mission to slay Tohsaka. Jeebus, it's so fucking worth it spending my time watching this just for those few moments of awesomeness.

Having said that, like I said earlier, I am definitely not the most appropriate person for this job LOL. I am still confused about the Servants or maybe I should just forget about how Archer from Fate/Stay Night look/behave like and except this mesh of Gilgamesh/Archer. Oh well at least I'm keeping track and thank goodness I decided to write episodic review for this show because I don't think I can remember all the details otherwise.

edit: Apparently Archer is Gilgamesh. I don't get it either. It's just weird because I still have Rin's Archer image in my head. Read this.


I guess, in a way, I have the advantage in not trying to connect the different parts of the franchise. Since I never watched FSN, I didn't realize they changed the characters around.

That's cause in Fate/Stay Night there were 2 archers. Yeah Gilgamesh and Shirou are both archers.

Tohsaka Tokiomi summoned Gilgamesh from the Archer Class in episode 1, so I guess if you rewatch you should be able to rid yourself of that confusion.

There is no class called Gilgamesh. The Archer of this war is Gilgamesh. Simple.
Why do you think is he given the class of Archer? Correct, because he shoots his weapons from Gate of Babylon like arrows. Fyi, Saber called him Archer in FSN and will do so in F/z, too.

And btw, Lancer's Masters are Sola-Ui and Waver's teacher Kayneth. Sola-Ui is Kayneth's fiance. Remember episode 1? Tokiomi said, Kayneth found another relic and has summoned his Servant with it. In this case it's Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, another Irish hero.


Saber's line in the preview means she will confront Lancer next episode. That again means, she will fight against him in episode 4 and they will complete Volume 1 of the Light Novel with this episode. Quite a good pace.

Oh and to add something: "People die if they are killed." Pun intended. But that's no joke(haha). The same goes to Servants. You can't revive a Servant. A dead Servant means, s/he will return to the Holy Grail vessel and that will go on until 6 Servants have died. This Assassin is dead. Period. And actually... ah, just watch the next episode and be prepared for a surprise.

And yes, Saber wants to save Britain by going time travel shit to find a more suitable king. The only problem is, she doesn't understand her wish is futile - there is no magic in the world that can do that.

However, Kiritsugu's wish can be fulfilled. You will know what I mean once you know his ideal(you somehow already figured out the most. to quote you:

A "cruel son of bitch that will bomb both the Entire State Building if his target is in there") and a further explanation of his wish.

Regarding his ideal: It's actually easy. Sacrifice a few people to save the majority. That means reduce the damage to a minimum. This kind of thinking is similar to Archer's(FSN-Archer). He shot down the plane and with it his foster parent and mentor and a Dead Apostle(his target) before it arrived in the airport to cause even more chaos and death.

That is also the reason why he thinks he and Saber are incompatible.

Both try to "save the world", but their ideals and methods are completely different. That's why he said in episode 1, Assassin or Caster would have been more suitable Servants for him, not a knight like Saber. Again, see the next episode to understand how he'll manage to handle this problem... somehow.

Can I hug you guys? *group hugs*

Now let's do the fist *brofist*

This is the reason why I'm writing this tedious episodic shit. Thanks to you guys I have a better understanding of it. I will rewatched the first episode and will try not to link up anymore shit from Fate/Stay Night.

Mr. Anon, I was in denial that Assassin is dead is all. What he did (or rather what Ufotable did) when he was breaking down the barrier was pretty slick. The animation kinda got me excited a bit and thus I don't want him to be dead without a fight. But then again, Archer is pretty awesome so it would defy the fact that he's Gilgamish if indeed Assassin is not dead.

"Saving the majority but killing off some people" plus his persona as a whole is why I was such a fan of Fate/Stay Night's Archer and the same reason why I am rooting for Emiya for this show. The ideal is somewhat make sense though a bit cruel for those innocent shitheads but hey, everyone dies in the end.

Looking forward to see episode 3 now that I am not as confused XD

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