13 October 2011

Bleach: Chapter 468

At last, Kubo decided to bring us back to Byakuya versus Tsukishima's fight. These two have been sizing each other up since the last time we saw them. It's going to be lots of mind games when it concerns these two: who can outsmart who. It takes a while but they finally make their moves.

spoken like a true warrior :3

Byakuya still with his Senbonzakura tricks and I don't know when but Tsukishima manages to set a trap for Byakuya. Urgh... Tsukishima's ability is indeed troublesome in a way since he can even manipulated un-living objects, including Byakuya's zanpaktou.

Hey Kubo, are you trolling us again? Jeebus, I really don't like where this is going. Kubo is just prolonging the inevitable. I would rage so much if Tsukishima manages to land that fatal injury on Byakuya. I don't fucking care if he has seen it a trillion times! You hear me, Kubo?

Also, Kubo still wants Sashigawara to have his final words with Ikkaku, which in my opinion, not important at all. As expected, his pride won't let Sashigawara to be defeated so easily. He still has some fight left in him. I guess either he dies trying or dies at the hand of Tsukishima. Not much of an option, huh? His loyalty should be applauded.

But yeah he is an idiot and Ikkaku is not afraid to tell him as it is. This in turn makes Sashigawara realizes how incredibly moronic he has been all this while, throwing his life away for someone like Tsukishima.

Just do it, with a rape face on :D

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