01 August 2011

No. 6: Episode 4

The authority is still looking for Shion thus his house/mother's bakery is being watched 24/7. Thankfully Nezumi has a way with rats and that's how they communicate with each other. LOL why the fuck am I telling you guys things you have already know? Oh well...

Apparently there are a whole bunch of people living outside the wall of No.6. They created a whole new city. It's like at any other run down city where people do anything to survive including prostitution, both for male and female.

They even sell halal food. I don't have to worry then if I ever wanna go there for holiday :P

I don't know what is it with Shion but he is so damn lucky when it comes to woman. Too bad he's fucking gay for Nezumi, who is an actor whenever he got time to get on stage. His stage name is Eve, which is so fitting of him, in my opinion.

They both looking for a man who once worked for Latch Bill, a No.6 newspaper. They know about him through the message Shion's mother sent them. Turns out he once had a crush on Karan so he is willing to help them out just because of that. That man is a pimp who supply whore to the No.6 official and he even offers Nezumi to be under his wings.

I'll definitely pay to have you :3

What I didn't expect to happen was Shion losing his head when he heard that offer. LOL he's pretty possessive, don't you think? He declines the pimp's offer to help him out. Heh, that's pretty cool if you asked me. Anyway, so when they get back home, Shion wants to know more about Nezumi but the rat declines. He doesn't want them to become attached to each other so when Shion has finally learned the truth, and decides to side with N0.6, they will become enemy. If they stayed as strangers, they wouldn't have problem killing each other then. Or that's what Nezumi thought.

He himself has become attached to Shion without him realizing it. According to Dogkeeper, he never shows his emotion, just like Byakuya and Ulquiorra. This gives him something that he can used against Nezumi. I was angry when he did come after Nezumi and spelled out his flaws. Damn Shion for making Nezumi so vulnerable. Damn him for being so clueless.

On a side note, at the pimp house, just as they were about to leave, Nezumi found a picture of some scientists. Looks like he knows one of the men in that picture. I wonder who he is and what role is he going to play to make the plot interesting.


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