27 September 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 23

I am actually pretty excited to catch up to this episode. Yukio as Satan? This ought to be good =3

Ernst, that old fucker... if he failed to open the Gehenna Gate, he would destroy the Academy with the Messiah war head. Yukio would have shoot him otherwise but thinking of all the lives at the Academy, he just can't do it though to be honest, I would have shot the old fucker no matter what and will think of ways to stop the Messiah next. But hey, I like that he's righteous. And I like the fact that he offered himself instead in exchange of letting Rin go. Oh fuck how noble ♥

heh so bad ass XD

Yukio is perhaps the best Satan could have asked for. He begin to absorb the souls from the Exorcists and kill them one by one with the blue flame. With the mix of the twin's blood, the demonic power just got stronger and thus they are able to open the Gehenna Gate as planned.

And just as planned, Messian was released. It worked for about a second though before the plan started to back fire. The old fucker was underestimating the power of the demon/Satan. Now that the Gehenna Gate is opened, there's no stopping the demons from assaulting the Assiah.

Mean while, Mephisto and Amamon (yes Amamon! He's alive... as a guinea pig? O_o) were looking from above at the proceedings. Seemingly like everything is according to his plan?

cute and adorable Amaimon ^__^

In the chaos, Fujimoto is back. Well, more appropriately, Satan is back imitating Fujimoto's voice to show Yukio the truth about how his mom died. I was not surprised to learn that the old fucker had his hand dirtied with his daughter's blood as well. Fuck he deserved to die.

Yuri was an Exorcist too. She is loved by all demons because she treated them equally and with respects like they are human. She even allowed Satan to possess her. She truly was some woman. I think even Satan fell for her and thus he didn't bring any harm during his time in Assian after he and her became one. That's how Rin and Yukio are come to be. Fujimoto was sent to get her back to the Vatican but people assumed he had her pregnant instead and was sent to jail. They did eventually listen when he told them the truth about Satan so after trial, Yuri was sentence to death. The tragedy of the Blue Flame happened because Satan was trying to find a vessel strong enough so that he can save Yuri. Unfortunately no one survived because his power was too great but he managed to use Ernst body though. So he and Yuri escaped. The old fucker sent Mephisto and Fujimoto to track them down and kill them.

Yuri gave birth to Rin and Yukio and died because of child labor. The ever so cunning Mephisto had the Kurikawa readied. He knew how soft-hearted Fujimoto was. He knew Fujimoto will want to raise those kids. They made a deal though. If Fujimoto succeed at raising them as humans, Mephisto will let them be but if they awakens their demonic powers, their lives would be his.

I'm glad that Yukio got to learn the truth instead of Rin. He deserved it I think Yukio engulf in blue flame is pretty hot too . And I'm glad he let the Gehenna took the old fucker. What I don't like is the fact that Satan thinks he has found the perfect vessel, just like he did with Yuri. Oh fuck.

And Rin woke just in time to see Yukio being possessed by their father.

p/s: In the middle of the episode, when the Gehenna Gate was opened, that dude, the ventriloquist with the puppet was narrating the whole thing! This is the first time any of us heard his voice right? He's still useless though.


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