15 September 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 20

Rin and Yukio went back to the monastery where they grew up. The place was a mess and looks like the attacker left it's spidey web everywhere. According to one of the victim, it's the doing of 'the masked man'. The attacker also left a message of 'Satan's kin must die'. I like to believe that it's that eye-patched Professer Neuhaus since he has a grudge with Rin but after what I heard he said, I think he's looking for the masked man too.

Naturally Rin felt bad. Yukio tried to stop and talk some sense into him but Rin just wouldn't listen. He did met with the masked men but couldn't do a thing and was quickly cornered. If it wasn't for Yukio, he would have been dead. The masked man ran away and Yukio followed him only to met with the Professor I mentioned earlier at an old clock tower. As Yukio tried to apprehend him, the tower collapsed conveniently.

Yukio was all serious and shit in this episode. He didn't even think twice to shoot Rin with a tranquilizer when Rin tried to handle the problem all on his own. He took the promise to protect Rin very seriously.

So Yukio and three other exorcists went searching for Neuhaus. As Yukio ran after him, one of the exorcists was attack. This proved my theory right, right? There is no way Neuhaus can be at two place in the same time. But then again, he's an expert at artificial life. Shit, there I go second guessing myself.

At the same time, Rin woke up from his tranquilized sleep. He still wanted to burst the door down and searched for the masked man if Shura didn't stop him and gave him a little prep talk. I am sure before this episode ends, Rin will have complete control of his blue flame.

what did I say *inserts rolleyes*

The masked man proved to be quite elusive. While Yukio and the exorcists were busy looking for him under the city, he was already at the dorm of the True Academy. I wanna smashed Authur's face with a bat when he stopped and arrested Mephisto. The Vatican is accusing Mephisto has something to do with the artificial laboratory that Shura found several episodes back. I wonder if Authur or the Vatican care about the safety of those children at the True Academy. If they are, they would have arrested Mephisto after he rescued the children.


So this mean that Yukio has to take care of business. But meh, we all know that wouldn't happen. Despite his efforts, Rin will always the one who will be the hero in the end. Like I said, he managed to control his flame, rescue everyone and defeated the masked man. Or should I called it masked woman?

Apparently she's the wife of Neuhaus. What a twist, huh?

Whatever. I am greatly disappointed. I can totally understand how Yukio feel at the moment. If only Rin is more observant...

At the end of the episode, Yukio was being summoned by Ernest Frederick Aegin. Apparently that old fag is Yukio's grandfather and looks like he too has connection with the Exorcists. Damn, I really don't like where this is going. I can see what I feared happened :(

Next time he will use real bullet :(


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