14 September 2011

Bleach: Chapter 464

Holy fuck, Kenpachi did kill that old ape within 3 seconds. That's the fastest fight in the history of Bleach! Hahaha thank you Kubo for saving us from the agony of hearing the old ape sprouting nonsense.

And so the rest of the fights progress. We are given a glimpse of Ichigo and Ginjou's fight before Kubo switched to the others' fight. However I'm glad that this time Kubo lets Ishida helping Ichigo out . That's 2 on 1. Screw playing fair! Anyhoo, it seems like Ishida kinda gets the idea that Ichigo weren't the first Substitute Shinigami way back when they have saved Rukia but chose to keep it to himself thinking that they might have disappeared. The ever so sharp Ishida can pretty much tell that the Soul Society has lost control of the Substitute Shinigami. Ishida's narrative was disrupted when Ichigo kicks him in the butt. Heh such moment is always so priceless.

I am surprised that Ichigo is okay with this 2 on 1 thingy. I would have thought that he never will agree to such thing considering how righteous and uptight he is. Good job Kubo. At least you did something unexpected (for me at least) to keep me on my toes.

In the mean time, Toushiro has his hands full with Yukio's antics. Toushiro pretty much runs around trying to defuse or deflect the bombs and attacks that were aiming at him. Typical Kubo... he usually lets the bad guys have their fun first.

Same goes with Rukia and Rurika. It's a wonder that Rukia doesn't go all uguuu~ with all the cute stuff animals around. Hmm but then again, there is nothing cute about a stuff animal that is trying to kill you.

lmao who am I kidding :3


lol klux you need to focus on the fight, not on Byakuya *pats pats*

As expected, it's a calm fight between him and Tsukishima. It's Byakuya's forte to talk ever so calmly with his opponent during a fight. For someone so serious, he's quite talkative, don't you think?

Every time I heard someone said those words, I cringed. It always seems like the person who said it pretty much will has his ass kicked indefinitely. However, since it's Byakuya, I want to have a little more faith in him. Given the experience, it's logical that Tsukishima can't even touch him with that joke of a zanpaktou. I hope Kubo is not pulling our legs. It would be awesome if Byakuya can finished Tsukishima as fast as Kenpachi put an end to that old ape.

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Byakuya is a trash talker even though he tries to look cultured and quiet. He also talked down on Ichigo when then fought. Let's hope that he'll give Tsukishima a nice beating. Tsukishma has been too much of a prick to deserve instant death.

That's what I like about Byakuya. He can talked down on you and get away with it. It makes RPing him so much fun ^^

it always amazes me how spot on kin can size up someone.

I must be pretty dumb tonight because I don't have a clue what you were talking about Mitch =\

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