11 August 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 17

Angel and Shura are the first line of defense against the raging Amaimon though like I have predicted, both of them combined are no match for the Earth King. It wouldn't make a good story if they could defeat him now, would it? heh all they could defeat is Behemoth, his beloved demon pet. By doing that, they just further angered Amaimon and befitting with his nicknamed as Earth King, he grows tenfold and easily get inside the vatican court. lol and this is supposed to be the headquarters for exorcists? The security is lacking terribad, if you asked me.

In the court room, Mephisto is using the opportunity to gain votes to use Rin as weapon against Satan. Since Amaimon has already broken the sealed, they don't have to think twice about it. They played right into Mephisto's plan.

And call it pure coincidence (NOT!) that Suguro arrived just in time to bring him the all-new Kurikara. They even managed to play pass the sword among themselves before the Kurikara finally falls in Rin's hand, handed over by Yukio. That is just nice... :3

And in a blink of an eye, Rin kills Amaimon. I was like... What the fuck just happened? Like Amaimon said, he is the fucking Earth King. It just doesn't make sense that he is defeated so easily by a half conscious Rin. It pisses me off a little to be honest.

Mephisto stood by calmly as Amaimon called his name in his dying breath. How cruel but oh so bad ass.

bad ass has a new face

And so that concludes that short arc. Now that the vatican has agreed to use Mephisto's method of defeating Satan, Angel and the others can't bothered Rin anymore unless he's planning for destruction of human kind.

Thus we are taken back to the academy and the teachers are told about Rin. Yukio is skeptical of Mephisto's plan and rightly so if he knows that they are to kill his brother if he ever goes berserk again. According to Mephisto, he's only doing this just so the Vatican will approve of Rin's existence. In order to do so, Rin has to complete two tasks: a) make him pass the Exorcist authorization exam and b) he to be looked out for by someone (read: Yukio and Shura) 24/7.

Rin goes back to class only to find his classmate not being so fond of him anymore. Just the kind of reaction I am expecting since he is the spawn of Satan who killed many, including his classmate's families. Thank goodness Yukio interferes and drags him away for special training that he and Shura will foresee.

The best thing about this training is that I can enjoy Yukio 'having fun' with Shura. This is such a rare occasion after all to see him with his glorious shooting skills. This is definitely the highlight of the episode for me lol

They are being watched by the spy sent by the Vatican. It is not only Rin they are watching, Yukio too since he too, is a son of Satan. Shura tries to make Yukio lost his focus by accusing him of either being afraid that he eventually gets the power of Satan or he is actually longs for the power. Shura did say something that makes me worried though because she's so right. Guys like Yukio often the first to fall for the power of the demon. If that really does happened, I think on one side I will love it for bad guys are always so awesome and he's wearing a thick rimmed megane, that just made him so freaking fappable badass. On the other side, if he is fully consumed by the power of the demon, that means he will get the same end as Amaimon. I definitely don't want to see him dead. NEVER.

lies ♥

It is closer to the truth as it seems like he has been infected by the demon in one of his arm. Argh dammit. Although I love where the plot is heading, I can't help but feeling nervous about it. Yukio is my favorite character of the series, after all. It's a miracle that I don't get a nosebleed when Rin accidentally scorches his uniform, leaving him only in his undies ♥

Towards the end of the episode, they focus on Sugura and Koneko. Sugura is still competing against Rin and wants to become an exorcist before he does. Koneko admires Suguro's strong will and since he's afraid, he's easily possessed by a demon and wastes no time attacking Rin and Izumo.

And that's all for this week.

Though some might complained that the show takes different route than the manga, I for one am not bothered by it. It's understandable since this is only a 25 episodes show (though second season is not too far away, I'm sure).

p/s: you gotta love Japanese advertisement. They are full of lulz.


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