13 September 2011

No. 6: Episode 9

It was easy to bribe No.6 personnel. Luckily they have a pimp in their team which provide whore for the masses (lol). I knew immediately that the pimp has something up his sleeves. When he said perfect, I am 100% sure he has brought Dogkeeper with him. He's the most passable among them to disguise as a girl after all.

Oops, I take that back. We can't forget about Eve. Heh.

(c) sifu

Anyhoo, the No.6 personnel wasn't easily fooled, even more so when Dogkeeper refused to play along and let himself get fuck in the butt. The Dogkeeper found it disgusting when the old man licked his neck with lust. I wonder what he thinks of Shion if he knew that Shion kissed Nezumi. Interesting wouldn't it, especially now that Shion knew the truth about him. Or should we referred to Dogkeeper as a she from now on?

Damn, his/her gender confused me since the beginning.

But they accomplished what they set out to do. The old man talked and even though they have no way to infiltrate the Health Correctional Facility, it seems like Nezumi is willing to sacrifice himself which evoked negative responses from Dogkeeper and the Pimp.

Meanwhile, the clueless Shion is planning of how to spend his summer there, together with Safu and his mom. Sometimes I wonder how Shion can be that optimistic all the time. Does he really thinks it would have been that easy?

They planned to put their plan into action on Holy Day but the day before the Holy Day, No.6 took the first action by attacking the city outside of the wall. Holy Day for the people of No.6 is a day for celebration but it means misery and life threatening danger for the people outside of the wall. No.6 sent their men out for a "cleaning operation". It was a massacre and for the first time Shion saw what No.6 really is.

poor kid

Nezumi and Shion finally surrender to the Nazi's. It's Nezumi's plan to get captured anyway. That's the only way to get to Safu. Nezumi might have an idea or two of what's going to happen to them when they reach the facility and I am actually shocked at how these humans were being treated. They were like garbage.

That is so inhuman. Shion would have not survived alone. That's for sure.

Also, I don't think it would be necessary for them to rescue Safu as it seems like Safu has met Elyurias and has quite some powers of her own. Hmm, maybe she needs a saving of a different kind?

I can see now why people think that this show is taking the Fractale route though to me personally, this is much more entertaining. Maybe because I'm a big BL fan. Yeah, I'm not going to lost hope people lol


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