04 July 2011

First Impression: Kamisama no Memochou

I can't recall what I wrote in my preview for the summer. After checking it up, no wonder I can't remember anything because I was so ready to be disappoint by another one of J.C. Staff's anime though I did surprisingly came up with a list of top 10 anime for this production studio.

The English title for this show is "It's the only NEET Thing to Do" and it falls under the mystery genres. Since I dunno what to expect from such title, except that I've seen anime blogger wants to watch the show simply because it's the only NEET thing to do. Congratulation, J.C. Staff. Your marketing strategy works.

Err... when did kamisama translated to NEET anyway? *shrug*

Good news is, I am totally taken in by the story for the first seven minutes and 15 seconds. The great news is, I continue to feel good about this show for the remaining 17 minutes and thirty one seconds.

All the characters that made it appearance in this first episode manage to get me interested in them for one reason or the other. The male protagonist, Narumi Fujushima is a loner and there is just something in his almost golden eyes that makes me want to see how he develops as a character. There's his classmate Ayaka who might be the only person (at first) to show him any sign of interest. Then there's that NEET group of boys who seem to be working under Alice; Tetsu, Major and Hiro. Who's Alice? Well, suffice to say this show is evolve around her. She's a hikki online detective. There's also Min, the owner of a ramen shop where the NEETs hang out. The meeting of these people though not unique but still sparks something that I don't often see in anime these days.

In term of character designs, everyone else look average (nothing really stands out) but has is quite a striking traits with her long hair and big rounded eyes. Almost reminds me of Enma Ai. Though I said they are average, their personality definitely is over the top except for Naruma. He's your typical hero type of protagonist. Saying that means you have to pay credits to the seiyuu for putting lives into these characters. Even Naruma isn't as boring as his character appeared to be.

He's voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. He hasn't done that many shows. According to MAL, only two works so far and this is his second one. He's quite good as Naruma maybe that's why he's entrusted with a leading male protagonist. Someone I need to watch out for. I am not familiar of the other seiyuu (except Daisuke Ono but he's yet to make an appearance) so it's not fair for me to judge them though like I've said earlier, they did a good job.

If there's an OP to this show, I must have missed it, so engrossed I was with the whole thing.

I expected a show of tsundere loli but J.C. Staff surprises me with how 'mature' this turn out to be. The story is definitely takes a higher more sophisticated road (though Alice is still a loli). Good job indeed hough I do agree with Scamp that this show could have been on another different level if SHAFT produced it. Or Brain Base since for whatever reason this sorta reminds me of Durarara.

I am definitely going to watch this show for the summer. Who would have thought. I love it when a production studio proved me wrong :)

art 8/10
story 9/10
sound 8/10
characters 9/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10


I real life, NEET women are not that hot. Still. I've been waiting for this. Once I start/finish Steins;Gate, this is next (this week, as I've gotten back on the anime track thank GOD).

In real life, NEET guys looks like bums too. This is why we watch anime: To tune out reality.

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