05 July 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 12

Watching the first few minutes of this episode, I get the fanarts I saw yesterday. I knew it has something to do with the latest episode so it feels good to put the puzzle together. Kinda NSFW but I don't see which part of it is NSFW. Maybe the context? lol

pixiv ID: 153199

Forgive my attempt to coax you guys with yaoi. The temptation is too great XD

We already have the beach episode last week. This week, the fun continues at the amusement park. The kids are assigned to pairs. Glad that finally the two background characters get some roles to play. Rin is paired with Shiemi who has ditched the kimono and is wearing a school uniform. Her boobs are definitely the main attraction at the amusement park. Their mission is to exorcise a ghost of a small boy.

Rin and Shiemi are acting like they are on a date. That kinda pissed me off for no reason.

Good thing that Amaimon is finally in the mood to screw around with Rin.

The games he plays on Rin is so much fun to watch. He's definitely stronger and much more powerful than Rin at this point, more experience too. As he toys around with Rin, naturally Rin starts to lost control and becoming more demonic. That only adds to the fun. Rin would have been screwed if not for the hoodie guy. Or should I say girl? A very flat-chested girl at that?

Her name is Shura Kirigakure. I don't like her at all. She obviously stole that look from Yoko but totally phailed at it. And there's no where that much boobs can be bandaged to appear DFC. No-fucking-way. Hmm... I guess the sweat shirt covers it up? Anyway, repeat: I don't like her.

And lets not forget about the brat ghost. All he wants is to play with someone and Shiemi kinda does that already. His disappearance means he has got what he wished for thus will not bother the amusement park anymore. Weak.

This show needs a stronger come back. It started off awesome but as of late it lacks to entertain me.


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