03 July 2011

Bleach: Episode 295

Watching the old fuck groveling in front of Aizen again is always fun. Since the old fuck is using his own body as a catalyst, it's safe to say that he's fucking dead right? Isn't that is what sacrificial kido is all about?

Ichigo thought that he could take the opportunity to launch a surprise attack on Aizen. Listen son, you don't attack God and expect to get away with it. You might hurt his feeling and thus received his wrath in return.


I thought you are Superman, Aizen

Aizen reveals to Ichigo that he has infused with Hogyouku. That's not all that he revealed though. Apparently he has planned how Ichigo should live his life, from meeting with Rukia to fighting with Ulquiorra. It was all for the sake of getting Ichigo 'ready'. Well, well, well... can you fucking imagine that? Aizen must have calculated all the possibilities and picked the right choices every single time then. Ichigo must feel like he's cheated his whole life now. Poor kid.

The episode is on flash back mode, just another way for the production team to skim on the budget. I'm not complaining though because at least I got to see Rukia and the other shinigami (like Akon) and see again the episodes that make me into such a fan. I'm not going to go into details on the flash back since we all have seen it a least 10 times before (I know I do... Soul Society arc is the best after all).

And with that the episode ends. Urgh...

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