29 June 2011

Prized possessions

As I lazily lean back in my seat, I saw one of the Bleach figures that is still in box (I put the boxes of figures on the shelves that are placed above my computer desk). This reminds me of the Bleach character book that I bought in 2007. Problem is I totally have no idea where did I saw it last.

I begun to have cold sweat because that book is one of my most prized possessions. I turned my room upside down and after about an hour or so, I found it among the postcards and fanarts books I bought at an anime convention last year.

too lazy to take out my dslr so I just took this using my phone

I am still searching for the other books because I so want to have the one with the espada in it. As you can see, I am still a huge fan of Bleach despite that the series is going down hill thanks to the creator. I am a character driven person maybe that's why I still put up with the shit that Kubo served us with for the last couple of years.

So anyway, do you have a prized possession?


The characters in Bleach are great, all unique and pretty fun to watch. Can't say the same for the plot... It can be really addicting despite all of the plot holes and cliches, though. Whatever Kubo puts it through, there's just no way I could hate the first anime I ever watched.

Prized possessions? Anime-wise? I really love artbooks as well (I also own All the Colour but the Black). I have artbooks for all the big shonen, Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, and Gintama. Other than that, I have this string bracelet I bought at an anime convention a month ago, and I haven't taken it off since. I've become kind of attached to it. It's just a simple green and black thing.

Kubo is good at coming up with characters (once) but now it seems like his characters are inspired from recycle material. Bad signs indeed.

Bleach is not my first anime but it is my first getaway anime that made me into such an addict. Despite all the flaws, it always have a special place in my heart.

p/s: I so want a Gintama artbook!

I'm still stuck in the 280s of the anime and haven't read any of the manga, so I'll take your word for it. At this point, isn't Kubo just dragging it out?

I somewhat remember watching Sailor Moon a really long time ago, but Bleach was definitely the first anime I watched that I knew was anime. It was my gateway drug.

p/s: Well, it's not official or anything. It's a fanart book by some Japanese artist. Gintama is my current obsession, so I'm hunting down whatever Gintama stuff I can find.

Is there any other shonen that you enjoy watching? I've seen all of the big three, and if I had to rate them from least to most favorite, it'd be Naruto, Bleach, then One Piece. Of course, there are other shonen than that, though those three are the longest running ones.

Urgh I can't stand Sailor Moon. Maybe that's why I am still so judgmental when it comes to anime with similar shit.

This current full-bring arc is supposed to be a short one that only take less than a year to complete. I hope the rumor is true because if Kubo decides to drag this shit any longer than that, he might really ended dead for real XD

p/s: glad that I've found another Gintama addict. Have you read my post about why ppl should watch Gintama?

I don't watch that many shounen. I used to read them though like DGM, Nurarihyon, Kekaishi etc but since I stopped being a manga whore, I've been neglecting these shounens as well.

I can't help but love her. I used to go to the now out of business video store and rent the VCRs. I watched them over and over and over.

Yeah, I know that Bleach should be coming to a close sometime in the next few years, and Naruto will probably finish up even before that. I'm not too sure about One Piece, though. I think it'll keep going for a pretty long time. One Piece just has one of those plots that could go on forever and still be entertaining, though Eiichiro Oda isn't getting any younger. :/

I watched DGM, and after that ending that barely showed them in their sexy new uniforms, I read the rest of the manga. It's okay. Haven't seen the others, though.

p/s: Yes, I have read both yours and Glo's. Pretty hilarious stuff. In fact, I was so inspired by your posts I even wrote one myself. It's one of the last posts I wrote in May. I love how the show doesn't give a shit at all. Like those times where the characters just talked with a solid, unmoving background the entire time, and the time where they took out all the colors and backgrounds. Not many shows are daring enough to do that.

Despite everything, I still can't imagine my life without Bleach to look forward to every week. I would missed it when it ends T___T

p/s: I've read your Gintama post. I tried to comment but the java script isn't to friendly. It refused my comment. That's the second time that happened. The other day I was trying to comment on your 5c per second post and faced the same problem. Maybe its the wordpress shit. :(

Really? I just installed Intense Debate, and it seems to work just fine for me.

That's weird. My blog's on Blogger, not wordpress.

Or you mean you can't post a comment when signed in to your wordpress account? If that's so, I would just recommend using your Blogger or Google account instead.

I'm wondering if anyone else is running into the same problems and if I should just uninstall the new commenting platform. It's kind of annoying.

I am login to my blogger. I must have missed something when I saw your comment box because I usually saw that kind of comment box on wordpress platform.

I've tried again today. Still failed :(

I'm really sorry about that. I was thinking about just uninstalling the new comment system anyway, but it is a lot more slick than the old one, so I don't know. Then again, what's so great about a comment system if no one can comment?

If you want, you can just say what you were going to put in the comments here, unless you want to wait until I change back to normal commenting (not sure yet...) or just not comment at all.

my motto: don't change things that already work fine for you :P

I'm just wanna say that parodies are definitely one of Gintama strongest point. I have seen other anime attempting parodies like the recent Kaminomi2 show that I watched. Though it still funny, it is still below par if compared to Gintama.

As for the 5cm per second, I am a sucker for romance (my ideal kind of romance anyway) so I love that OVAs. I can see why you don't think so highly about it though.

That's true, but the Blogger comment system is kind of annoying. You can't reply to specifically one person's comment, and the recent comments box takes forever to update with a new comment. I recommend that you try Intense Debate or Disqus; you can always uninstall it if you don't like it. Again, I don't quite understand why it wouldn't work for you, and I don't know how it can be fixed. It seems like no one else has run into any problems commenting with it, so I don't know if I'll trade it in for the old one. Seems like I've been having an intense debate of my own, whether or not to remove it.

The parodies in Gintama are certainly awesome. There were only a few parodies that I didn't get, and they usually didn't obstruct with the comedic effect.

What was your favorite among the more serious arcs? I personally loved the arc with Kamui in the underground red light district.

It's really weird; it seems like I'm the one who is dissatisfied with Makoto Shinkai films. I did love the art and animation, though.

I guess something is wrong with this shitty computer of mine. I agree that it sucks that we can't reply to an individual. I hope Blogger is reading this XD

Does this mean I have no means to comment on your post then? That made me sad a bit :(

Oh the introduction of Kamui was excellent. I love that as well. I just love the chemistry between Kamui and Kagura. Incest? lol

Yeah, Blogger! Fix your commenting system!

That also makes me quite sad. ;_; Maybe if you look up the error message on google, you can find a way around it? That's what I usually do when something isn't working on the internet.

And the fight where Kagura went batshit insane was also really epic.

i think something is wrong with my java. Grr fuck it.

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