04 June 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 7

I waited to see this episode because I want it to become my 800th post. I'm petty like that. But anyway, as expected, Shiemi takes it to heart when Rin said she wasn't his friend in the last chapter. She should learn to read people better in my opinion so she will see that Rin has a b0nar for her.

So in this episode, she is determines to make a friend which in her case, easier said than done. she tries her luck with Izumi but that bitch is so stuck up, I wanna slap her ass silly. I know that Shiemi is naive but only a bitch will take advantage of that. I am pretty sure she'll get what she deserves later on in the episode and will treat Shiemi equally but until then, let me hate her.

speaking of friends, I am very curious about the other two more obscure characters

On the other hand, looks like Rin has become quite close with Bon and his two escorts. When did that happened? Ah boys... Shima is actually not as good boy as I think he is. In fact he is naughty, wanting to peek at the girls while they are taking bath. He's not acting like a priest at all and hence now I understand why BL lover is so hang up with Rin/Shima pairing XD.

giving YOU a HEAD ^___^

This episode is also about them taking the Exwire exam that promotes them to become an exorcist. They will be having a full week of training camp at Rin and Yukio's dorm to help them prepare for the exam. As usual, Rin is as clueless as always. He doesn't know what "meister" and "title" are. To be frank, I don't have a clue either. Heh.

Type of meisters. Now I have some sort of a clue. Kinda

At the camp/dorm, a demon suddenly appears and attack Paku and Izumi who are about to take a bath. Izumi tries to fight by calling out her familiars but since her heart is in chaos, they turn on her. Thankfully Rin is nearby. The fact that he doesn't react when he see her in just her bra and panties is kind of a disappointment lol. Rin comes to the rescue as well and quickly heals Paku's wound while Izumi just sit there dumbfounded.

The ghoul demon quickly recognizes Rin as his young prince but that doesn't stop it from attacking Rin. Rin couldn't draw his sword, afraid that the girls will know his true-self. While rin fights the demon, it tells him that he is only abide his master's order. Rin thinks that his father (Satan) is the one who sends it when it fact, it's his own teacher's doing. Remember Snipe? Fucking LMAO.


The incident that changes Izumi happens when Yukio tells her that she's quitting cram school, and when the demon attacks right after. Now that she knows she is useless, she will be more humble in the future.

cute. You're too cute :3

p/s: The demon summoning class once also reminds me strongly of Harry Potter. The similarities are uncanny. Not saying that I am not loving it though.


What the? Did you add those characters in? I don't remember them being there.

Congrats on the 800th post, btw.

No, I didn't. If you paid any attention to the episode, they got several one shots in the span of 20 miutes

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fucking troll *rolleyes*

I'll troll you all day ;)

and I would enjoy it ;)

Congrats on 800th post! been enjoying all the ur prev 6 posts on aoex
Copying your phrase " I jizz in my pantsu! " LOL

just make sure you have spare pants around XD

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