06 May 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 3

This episode starts with Poppo taking a leak in the forest when he saw Menma walking around. Of course that freaks him out. Then we get to see how cool of a dad Jintan father is. I wish I have parent like that... well actually I do. My mom would asked me if I want to go to school or not and if I said no, then that's that. Same with Jintan's dad. He doesn't seems to mind that his son is skipping school. He may have understand that the accident with Menma changes his son's life but as a parent he should know that there's a limit to everything. It has been more or less 10 years since the accident. Even though I know it's hard, I think Jintan should get over it and move on with his life. Or maybe he just wants a reason to stay as a hikki. He wonders why his dad doesn't nag him but I think his dad wants him to make that decision himself. He's not a kid anymore. But since Menma practically dry humps him after his father left, he changes his mind. Besides, he did owe Anaru that much.


Too bad that he and Anaru encounter another bitches along the way to school. Just because they said something insulting, that doesn't mean he has to give up that easily. I am really annoyed with Jintan at the moment. Instead of facing his problem like a man should, he runs away and hide. Pathetic.

Since he can't go back because he doesn't want Menma to nag him, he visits Poppo. Poppo told him what he saw the other night and Jintan is not so happy about it. Obviously he wants Menma all to himself, this greedy bastard. He's very rude too, leaving Poppo in the middle of a conversation. Now he has to go home to find out if Menma really did go to the forest yesterday. Jeebus.

While Jintan is gone, Menma explores his house and starts crying when she saw the altar made for Jintan's mom. After she is done with that, she begin making muffins like Jintan mom used to make when they were kids. This only brings back memories to Jintan and we get another flashback of his childhood. He always sucks when dealing with problem. He treated his mom like shit too when she was sick.

Eh wait, ghost can cook? How convenient.

On the other side of town, Tsuruko and Yukiatsu are out shopping. Guess what Yukiatsu trying to buy though... a headband. Heh, this guy is weird. I got a feeling that he's buying this stuff for Menma.

either that or he wears woman clothes as his hobby

Since everyone is ignoring Poppo, he has his own initiatives to create a search party for Menma and invited everyone in their childhood group. So for the first time in a long time everyone gathers together. Once again thanks to Poppo. We get to see how the others communicate instead of always focusing on Jintan and Menma. With each passing episodes, my heart grows fonder for Anaru.

Since Yukiatsu (who I assume is lying) said that he saw Menma down by the stream, everyone else is going there (because Poppo insisted) to check it out. Such nice and appropriate ending for this episode. There is obviously some competition going on between Jintan and Yukiatsu so I look forward to see that in the incoming episodes.


> either that or he wears woman clothes as his hobby

Perhaps clothes like Menmas? And walks around near their old hideout? That would be a creepy twist. Even if he was just messing with their heads :)

Well, it didn't take long for me to fall completely behind on every single show of the spring.... Can't wait for this week to end so I can have zero responsibilities for a while.

oh? That is an interesting theory indeed @hogart. I have no doubt that Yukiatsu is capable of such creepy act. He smelled dead people's clothes after all.

@Glo, I am a week behind on Spring anime as well. Sometimes I hate vacation for reason like this.

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