12 May 2011

Bleach: Chapter 447

Yukio power is locking away anyone he wants in a game. I doubt that's all he can do. Despite his look, he is quite formidable. He handles Tsukishima calmly, much different when Ginjou or Ichigo was facing the skinny antagonist.

While they are having a conversation, Riruka threatens to attack with her love gun. Tsukishima doesn't have a choice but to retreat, especially when the commotion has attracted few onlookers. If they don't want to be find out, they really need to leave the scene.

They brought Ichigo to a back up HQ and I was surprised to see that Marie Lim was right. Yukio is rich and the one who has been sponsoring/renovating their HQ. He suddenly looks much more matured for his age. Only for a second though. He throws a tantrum right after when Ginjou asks him to train Ichigo.

Yukio's power is not limited in hiding people/stuff. He also shuts down the reiatsu of those he confines in that game of his. Ichigo's opponent for this training is not Yukio though but Ginjou. I suspect that Yukio is not really good in fighting. He's just a nerd that's good with games but I refused to underestimate him.

I can't believe I am saying this but I am glad when the story takes a turn and shows Inoue visits Ishida. At least this feels real since everyone else's lives should move on and should not evolve around Ichigo alone. Pfft, who am I kidding. That was impossible. This time, Ishida did not reject Inoue's offer to heal him instead he kinda force her to do it just because he felt Ichigo's reiatsu and realized he has met Tsukishima. Ishida... always so sharp when it comes to reiatsu.

I guess he was weak when Inoue got attacked because he didn't realized it until Inoue told him about it.

Poor Ishida... he's out of the action once again. Even though Inoue has healed him, he is still not fit for a fight so he can only sit on his bed while Chad and Inoue go to the backup HQ and see/help Ichigo.

Why don't you rebel, Ishida. That would be awesome. Join Tsukishima-san. He looks like your brother from the same mother after all.

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


hahaha! i was right! and i agree with you about ishida looking like tsukishima's sorta-brother... that was funneh! :3

Hi Kluxorious, you have a great blog and a nice collection of anime I saw O_O. Are you interested in a link exchange? let me know if you do!



Xcution is funded by a kid... Well I guess out of the Xcution members, Yukio looks like he is most likely to be rich.

But now I can't take them seriously. They are all NEET?

Things are starting to get very interesting! At least next few chapters we get to see some fighting and maybe more powers for ichigo to unlock.

i am actually not looking forward to see Ginjou and Ichigo fighting/training. But yeah, it would be interesting to see what new powers can Ichigo unlock, if any. i think Kubo will use recycle material again.

haha! i was right about yukio!!! have you already read bleach 448? GOSH I THINK THE SHINIGAMI THERE IS RUKIA!!!!

sorry for the spoilers! :))

thankfully I read your comment after I posted 448 otherwise I might have to kill you because of the spoilers XD

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