05 May 2011

Bleach: Chapter 446

Another late post for this chapter since I was in Bali when it was released. Bali was average anyway since I went with a tour company so we kept on rushing from one tourist attraction to the other. I am definitely going to return soon and this time I'll go for quality time instead of quantity. Tour sucks.

Bleach chapter 446 starts with a humor for couple of pages when Tsukishima's errand boy looking for him. Meh, another weak attempt by Kubo to stalling the damn story.

At the other side of town where the Xcutioner headquarter is, Ginjou is interfering with Tsukishima and Ichigo's fight though Ichigo is not very appreciative. Despite his wounds he is still determine to kick Tsukishima's ass. Unfortunately for him, Ginjou won't hear any of his reasons and knocks him down. If that is not enough, even Chad tries to stop Ichigo from fighting.

This is an excellent opportunity to see who walks the walk and talks the talk. Either the cool Tsukishima or the cunning Ginjou. I bet Tsukishima will make Ginjou looks like an amateur.

pfft! yeah right...

Heh, even though Ginjou who is on the offensive side, he struggles to land an attack on Tsukishima. Since he can't do shit, Ichigo is once again pumps to get back in the ring, ignoring Chad's words of warning. To be honest, I don't want to see Ichigo's full ability just yet. But on the other hand it is good to see him learns his limitation the hard way because I fully expected him to lost the fight.

This is a face you don't want to mess with unless of course you know his power is far more inferior that yours

It won't be that easy though. Someone just had to interfere! At the end of the chapter, someone calls out a chant "Invaders-must-die" and suddenly Ichigo is cloaks in blackness and is whisks away into a video game mode. Obviously trying to protect Ichigo who is not so good playing the damsel in distress role. That someone is the Xcutioner who I have my eyes on ever since he was shown in chapter 431. That someone is also known as Yukio. I think all characters with Yukio as his name will automatically be someone cool as fuck. Just look at Yukio from Ao no Exorcist. I want both of their asses.

long coat seems to be part of their identity as well

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


Twice in Bali, can't find anything interested in that place ;p (something that should be said as an Indonesian lol)

Back to Bleach, Ichigo really act like he's the only hero out there. Not.Cool! Like what you said, he should lose this time.

Me thinks Ao no Exorcist's Yukio was a lot cooler than this kid :p

I love Ubud. It's the only reason why I want to return to Bali. Everything else was average, something that I can find/see in Malaysia.

Ichigo is always acts on impulse. He always use his heart instead of his head. Sometimes he's endearing like that but this time, he should lose because that would be a rude wake up call and every hero needs one of that.

Yukio of Ao no Exorcist is someone that is bright and gets straight As. I doubt that this Yukio even go to school. But yeah, I do agree that Rin's twin is much cooler.

yukio... i think he's the rich kid sponsoring the xcutioners... haha... i based it on the coat! @_@

he looks like a homeless kid to me

I'm very curious as to what Yukio's power is going to be. I have a sort of idea (probably something about game saves), but I want to know the exact rules.

if ichigo has to fight pokemon monster in that game, then I'm calling Level E rip off.

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