16 December 2010

Bleach: Chapter 431

It wasn't as easy as I thought to get connected with Ginjou. Ichigo had to do several unconventional dialing before he finally get through to him. I must say that was kinda cool, it's like contacting James Bond.

Sad to say that my theory sucks. It always were when it comes to Bleach. Sado did get attacked by the same people who attacked Ishida. So at least I think I am right about them being not the same people as Ginjou's. That kind of a relieve actually.

Now I wonder whether the old geezer Isshin has finally comes back. I guess not otherwise Ichigo wouldn't be allow to meet Ginjou like that. I can see now why people are mistaking Ginjou as Aizen. He is kinda cool as fuck and I can't help but be smitten with the kind of conversation he and Ichigo had. But it does frustrated me that Ichigo easily gave up on Urahara. I just hope Urahara wasn't as clueless about what's going on.

Oh and where are the Vaizards? Don't tell me they are forgotten already.

Anyway, Ginjou brought Ichigo to the Xcution club house. It was a run down building that passerby will usually ignore but once you slide your membership card, the door opened up to a slick bar, complete with bartender and all. I dunno if Ichigo is allowed in there since he's underage but who's checking, right?

But who cares about the bar. I'm already interested with the guy who are clad in black there which is yet to be introduced in this chapter.

Like I said in the last chapter, the purpose of the club is to help Ichigo restored his shinigami power. It came as no big surprise since who would be interested with a powerless boy anyway? Thus raised the question of who is it really that attacked Sado and Ishida. Do we have a new villain in town or is it Ginjou's plot to make Ichigo agree to come and join him?

Why do I doubt myself?

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Dear Kubo,

Would it be to much to ask for you to put out a chapter that ISN'T a setup chapter???? What are you stalling for??


An impatient OBALLER.

Strangely, this is the most exciting Bleach has felt for me in a long time.

Yeah, I'm with Baka-Raptor. I absolutely has no idea what to expect, which is good.

Yeah, things are kind of interesting right now. Lets hope this lasts.

Agreed with Oballer... Too much exposition, too many monologues, too many long winded self-glorification and big words, and too little action.

We got nonstop actions for almost 2-3 years. It feels good to chillax and anticipates the build-up. Just hoping it won't disappoint.


Answers to questions are never answered in one chapter, they always take several chapters. I feel like this would be better if it were released monthly, in much longer chapters.

That being said, I'm getting fucking pumped up for Ichigo to get his powers back. Here's what's going to happen, he going to be shown training but never shown actually getting his powers back. Then it will show something like Orihime getting attacked, and then suddenly, Ichigo will show up and surprise the SHIT out of EVERYBODY. I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT.

Instead of Orihime, more like Rukia. GAH!

And I don't think Urahara or at least the Soul Society will sit around while he power up. There will be conflict at least and once again Ichigo will be forced to choose side.

Monthly release? NO FUCKING WAY.

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