10 December 2010

Bleach: Chapter 430

Hmm, I guess Inoue is not really over Ichigo like I thought she was in the last chapter. Well, at least she's not being bitchy and clingy about it like she used to. If she's back to her old habit of chanting Ichigo's name, then I might cut her throat open with a saw (post forthcoming). What she did now is alright just as long as she kept it to herself.

In the middle of her orgasm over Ichigo, she got a phone call. Apparently she isn't the only one fantasizing about the poor Ichigo. So does Yuzu. Yeah, I know right? Out of all the people. Jeebus.

Ichigo: The subject of every girl's desire

But jokes aside, I thought Ichigo was the one who found Ishida on the road bleeding to death in the last chapter? Looks like that is not the case anymore since Ryuuken called up Inoue and Ichigo and told them about Ishida's condition. It also looks like that he got his arm back. LOL what did I say in the comments. Ryuuken did it!

Jeebus what a plotkai Kubo.

Anyway, Ryuuken sent Ichigo home and told Inoue what he thought happened. The residue from the wound was not some sort of reaitsu. It was something that even he has never touched before. He concluded that the attacker is indeed human and have similar power to Chad and Inoue. I dunno why was he telling Inoue any of this, but I reckon maybe Inoue and Chad do still their have their powers despite how weak it is.

Here's my hypothesis: the Xcutioner want Ichigo because he can make their power grow. He does have that ability when he still has the power. So they think they can give him his power back and thus used him.

Obviously if based on my hypothesis, I disagree with Ryuuken about them wanting to attack Inoue and Chad next.

As expected, Ichigo who was left in the dark became frustrated with the turns of events. There is only one place that he can turn to. It used to be Urahara's place but not anymore because he let Ginjou fucking messed with his head. So he dialed that cursed Xcution number.

Mysteries are starting to unravel. I'm buckling my seat belt. This is going to be one bumpy ride.

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" the Xcutioner want Ichigo because he can make their power grow. He does have that ability when he still has the power."
That's what I think too. And I think the good guys are going to help Ichigo find his human powers like what Inoue has instead of hollow/ shinigami powers.

Also, Yuzu... What is with anime's fascination with incest?

Yeah, I wasn't keen with the sudden incest. It is just too weird to be in Bleach. I mean, we already have Byakuya and Rukia.

And I think the one that did the shit to Ishida is actually in a different group than the Xcutioner. I guess, I really do want them to come out as a good guy for some unknown reason =\

maybe they attacked ishida because they know how ichigo would respond... i mean, he has this hero-complex that wants to protect everyone around him.. by saying that i think those people behind ishida's attack wants to push ichigo on a corner so that he would do their bidding...

ok, everything's just random... hihihi..

hi kluxorious!!! :D

Hi Marie!

Nothing is random. I'm sure Kubo has planned this occurrence 8 years ago! /sarcasm

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