15 December 2010

Christmas comes early!

Yes, I don't celebrate Christmas but that is besides the point. Those who stalked me would know how much of a fanatic I am when it comes to Kyon. So imagine me fapping when I saw that GSC is coming out with the nendo version of him!

the famous facepalm

Needless to say, DO WANT THIS!

Fuck yes please.


I saw the first picture (without the facepalm) and immediately decided that I was going to make a comment saying that this figure would be better if he was facepalming.

Then I saw the last picture and fell off my chair (except I'm sitting on a couch, not a chair, and I didn't really fall off).

This figure would immediately become your best one if you were to get it, but that's mainly because most of your figures are K-On (from what I can tell), and K-On sucks.

You're wrong. I have only 6 figures of K-ON. If I get the nendo Ritsu, there will only be 5. But fuck that, I already gave up on her and is going to sell the other nendo of K-ON because I resent them.

Most of my figures are from Bleach and Haruhi Suzumiya. Not the whole cast though just Haruhi and Kyon. Maybe Koizumi one day. Them and Konata from Lucky.Star. I only buy figures that I'm crazy in love with. For example, Date from Sengoku.

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