17 May 2010

Nendoroid Drössel

I forgot when did she arrive in my mail box. Probably back in February. I totally forgot to make a post about my latest figures (there are a lot of them) until I saw a folder that has "gambo patung" (translated to figure pictures) as it's title. There is no special reason why I chose to do a post on Drössel first. Just because.

So nendo Drössel pretty much came with the same parts that her big sister Figma has except for the book. Apparently nendo Drössel is lazy and I believe a bit dense despite the size of her head.

I have yet to try the light of her eyes though. Probably never will *shrugs*

She can stand on her own when she's wearing her normal head piece. She does looks kinda cute, isn't she? She has lost her sassy-ness with her decreasing body size.

However once she tried out different head piece, it was obvious that she has lost her balance. Even the stand is not sufficient to make her stand up right. I have to hold her up.

I think it was a shame though because just like her sister Figma, I love it when Drössel adorned the above head piece. It might be because of the flower design but yeah, I like it a lot.

This is what happened when you see too much hentai

Just like Mio, I is yet to take her out from the display cabinet and have her mingles with the rest of the figures family or have a family photoshoot. I am too busy nowadays and barely has time to spend times with my kids T_T

I'll make it up one day. Hopefully.

Rasp: "Haha look at your abnormally big size head"
Drössel: "You can have the same size if you wanna" *punches*


"This is what happened when you see too much hentai"
She's so cute. ^ ^
I like her miku hairstyle the most.

heh yeah. I haven't got the chance to truly appreciate her or any other new figures for that matter and I feel bad about it.

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