19 May 2010

Cecile's Feelings

Cecile's Feelings is another one-shot from the same mangaka that did Baby Cinnamon, Inugami Sukune.

Cecile is a student at a college. One day she met her junior who was interested in going to the same grad school as Cecile. They talked and the sake kept coming and when she awoke the next morning, the junior was besides her in bed, sleeping, naked under the sheet.

Man, why can't shit like this happen to me? Oh yeah that's right... I don't drink. Fuck, reading stuff like this makes me wanna try to be a drinker. But dammit, my resolve is too strong -__-

When the junior woke up, he obviously freaked out. Cecile, being the more matured person in this situation handle it nicely though. Again, just like with Baby Cinnamon, this is like reading a page out of my life book. Not funny.

But then the manga went down the cliche road. The junior apparently has always had a crush on Cecile. O-M-G, get the fuck out already. No one is that lucky!

lucky bitch >=(

The first few pages were okay but then the story went downhill because it was so damn predictable. Too much cliche will kill you.

art 6/10
story 5/10
character 6/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 6/10


you should drink anyways... drinking is good.

and i will quote the great Ted Danson here

" Men face reality, women don't. That's why men need to drink."

sooo maybe thats why i drink...

I think I rather be a stoner XD

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