23 March 2010


I have been thinking about this a lot. I have friends who most of the times I called assholes (but they love me anyway) but only few one that I called my best friends. I have a rather nasty personality, you see. I rather do not have friends than making friends with people I cannot tolerate.

Lets make a list of THAT people

  1. Those who cannot keep up with what I am talking about
  2. Those who listen only to their own voice, which most of the time are annoying as fuck
  3. Annoying fucker
  4. Hypocritical bastard
edit: thanks to GuyShalev, I got the right word ^^

See, I don't ask for too much, right? And see why I rather stay inside of my room than having a social life? I have no social skillz and is guaranteed to piss people of.

In real life, I am just terrible when it comes to making friends with females. More often than not, I just don't get them because well, they are usually have all the four traits that I listed above.

I grew up surrounded by boys and have more guy friends than girls (only 2) during my school years and none of females when I was in college. It kinda influenced me a lot when it comes to choose a female friend. I tend to be close with females who have the same characters as the 2D characters that I prefer. The kind of girl that I would have no hesitation to have a gay relationship with ^^

Speaking of which, I got a love letter yesterday from a female. I dunno where did she gets the idea that I swing that way XD

Anyway, here is the list of females (in no particular order) that would be great as my best friends.

Konata Izumi

It would be fun to have Konata around. Anime and manga are a big part of my life and Konata is a real otaku. Finally I would have a friend to spasm and be a nerd with. Not to mention that she's funny. Om nom nom =3

Haruhi Suzumiya

Who doesn't wants to be friend with Haruhi is just fucking retarded imo. She's the ultimate chick in my book and if I was born a male, I would already have a huge b0nar right now. There would be no more dull moment in my life. She and I are alike in a sense that we shouldn't allowed to feel bored. I tend to be in a very foul mood when I'm bored and Haruhi kinda like that too, isn't she? Together we would create chaos of massive scale. I would manipulate her and makes her wanting what I want. Haruhi is just full of badassery.

Misaka Mikoto

Having an electromaster as a friend would be pretty useful I think. But that's entirely not why I want to be her friend. I think we would just click if we are to meet in real life. I can ignore her fetish with cute stuff. We would giggles and what not when we talk about our crush. I need someone like her to share my deepest secret. She's righteous and would help out a friend without hesitation. Besides, she can kick your fucking ass.


She's a fucking god! What other reason could I give? Oh yeah, there are the charming and naive factors about her. Just like Jin, I feel the need to protect her from harm. She's also so effing sexy.

Isurugi Noe

She can forget about Shin, that asshole. She's a weirdo and I think that's why I like her in the first place. I think the both of us have a lot in common. I may not seem like it but I am a combination of fragile/sturdy when it comes to matter of the heart/feelings. I have seen how she deals with her problem and I commend her for it. Shin does not deserves her. And then, there is that hot brother of her ^_^

Kuchiki Rukia

You wouldn't think that I forgot about Rukia, did you? She's rich and has a strong personality. She does not depends on the people around her. She's tough although she might not looks like it and delicate at the same time. She's exactly like her zanpaktou's element. Snow can't do much? Wait till there's a blizzard or a fucking avalanche XD

Ryougi Shiki

Having an assassin as a friend is pretty badass. I can rely on her to decapitate people that get on my nerves (that's half of the world population - and always females). I can trust her to keep my secret too since she doesn't talk much to begin with. She would also be fun to hang out with because I'll make sure she will brings Mikiya too.

Kageyama Torako

She's outgoing, bold and mischievous. That is a great combination imo. She would be the one who will break the ice whenever we are in an awkward situation. She's also a straight forward girl, just like I am and we would get along just fine being ourselves. As a bonus, she also has the coolest brother ever, who is pretty much reminds me of Ichimaru Gin *faps*

Just imagine the 9 of us sitting at one table, hanging around and what not. We would have so much fun. We won't be needing guys to keep us company because we have each other.

That sounds cliche as fuck.

Having said that, things are kinda turn for the better lately though. I am still socially awkward at times but most of the time, I think I handle myself quite well when I met with a bunch of new people, particularly females. Part of it because of work but I still put quite a distance when it comes to people who are walking around with a dick instead of a head.

I dunno for what reason did I make this entry. I just need to vent I guess. So I apologize if this is too long. You can tl;dr if you want. I don't mind. My statistic sucks anyway *slits wrist*


Hmm. Quite a few are tomboys - no coincidence, perhaps.

I didn't even notice it O_o

My main problem with friends is that they're so demanding. They're always asking you to pay attention to them and spend time with them. I ask for nothing. Friendship rips me off. That's why internet fans kick ass. They suck up to you and demand nothing in return.

Internet fans... *chuckles*

However I am not as popular as you are Baka Raptor

Anyone who
1) possess deadly combat skills like Shiki
2) is under my control (lest I'd be the one who gets killed)

is my best friends +_+

Konata and Torako would be a lot of fun to hang out with.

Why is Haruhi running through a fire with a pokeball in one hand? o_O
That's definitely an adventure. ^0^
That's quite an incriminating picture of Konata-chan you've got there...*is killed for pervertedness*

"However I am not as popular as you are Baka Raptor"

Doesn't mean you have no fans. ;)

Also... although not new to you. I'm retarded :p (for hating on Haruhi)

I love you kluxorious ! ^^

That's exactly what baka-raptor is talking about, i cheer you up with lots of filler comments and don't request anything at all... and you get motivated to have readers and post more... it is like a mutual exchange...you post, i comment ;)

but internet friendship is shallow, they'll not be there for you when you reaaaaaaaly need them.

For example, baka-raptor is almost blind right now, but if i was a real friend of him, i would drive him around the town when he asked and made his meal. With no demands at all... but if someday i got eyestrained it would be baka-raptor's turn to show he got the balls to help me, as i stated before, it is a mutual exchange of favors... that is what friendship is about, to have friends with the same interests as you (anime, mangá, skateboarding, maths studying et cetera) and we all spend time together with each other to do those stuffs, it is much more fun than being locked up in your room alone.

Is internet friendship cool ? yes, because you talk to a lot of different people around the world but... they'll never be there for you when you need help.

I believe someday you guys will made up your own minds and go outside there for a change, you don't know how beautiful and amazing is the world out there that you're missing.

Best of all Regards,

I'm not gonna lie. Reading everyone's comments made my day. I feel appreciated somehow. We all live in vain I guess.

I do feel more comfortable with my internet friends in that I can talk to them about what matters to me and they'll understand. Because anime/manga matters to me and my real friends don't get that.

I actually have more fun locked up in my room alone, then with people that I have nothing in common with. I am still reluctant to go out and only do so because my work required me to be socially adept.

But your point about how beautiful the world is valid. So I plan on going traveling next year. Hope it will come to fruition :)

@blur, if you still said so after watching the movie, than you are truly RETARDED.

I still love you kluxorious ^^

I don't believe people would like to live their lifes in vain, as losers, and won't like to change this.

As i said earlier, hanging out with friends that have something in common with you, is the way to go.

for the socially adept...i know it is a difficult task, but it is something you must do for your own sake, if anime/mangá is your only love in life, try exploring other subjects, learn different things, expand your horizons... normally sports is the easiest way to bring different people together (if you aren't lazy), because most sports, you can't play them alone, you have to have at least one more person ;) and believe me, great friendships arose from one simple phrase directed to a stranger like "can i play soccer with you guys ?"... you have no idea...

I guess the pursuit for happiness and love is what makes us fell our lives are not sliping away in vain.

Now grab a friend or two and go travel with them, as travelling alone is not much different from Baka-raptor's mountain training ;)

lmao, were you calling me a loser? :P

The only sports that I am in to is Formula One and football/soccer. I can't invite anyone to race with me and I'm not good at player football either. But yeah sometimes I do hang out with friends to watch the match.

And I won't be traveling alone but don't mind really if I do. I think that would be quite an adventure.

Man, I also want a girl best friend who I can talk about anime with. I do have one who likes anime, but she's way into life and her boyfriend to keep up with me. Sigh. Where were you all my life. You're easy to relate to. Nice post.

I was here, waiting for you to discover me so we can be best of friends while fapping - I mean talking about Ulquiorra :3

By all means lets fap - ehem - talk about Bleach :P

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