04 May 2010

Baby Cinnamon

This is a one-shot manga from Inugami Sukune. It is about a tsundere editor and a glass wearing mangaka. I am an editor so obviously that is why I picked this one up.

Obviously the mangaka did not realize that the editor has feelings for him because she was always so serious when it comes to work. But that is to be expected. An editor cannot has a relationship with the client. It's work ethics. I have experienced this shit before and has suffered because of it too. Stupid rules. Whoever made this one up must be a total fag.

Anyway, it was the mangaka last submission since his manga got canned. So he submitted his work, went back home to sleep only to get a call from the editor telling him she has lost the manuscript. I was surprised he did not strangle her because I totally would. She was acting all transparent and obvious. Not remembering a single thing? You whore! Why don't you just pull down your pantsu and...

Oh wait, she already did >_>

Damn! I wished I have the guts to do that. Even if I do have the guts, unfortunately I still can't do something like that otherwise I'll be fired. Story of my life... Why do I seek forbidden romance, one after the other?


Anyway, this was surprisingly a very good read. Recommended!

Art 6/10
Story 8/10
Character 7/10
Enjoyment 8/10
Overall 7/10


Well, work ethics are still arguably less infuriating than google ethics >.<

I'm seeing a lot of these one-shots about troubled mangaka getting pulled through their troubles, their saviors in the form of getting laid. Is this some mangaka panacea, or just something they pat each other on the shoulders and shed a tear over?

Then again, getting laid is like that for just about anybody...

Lmfao mama I need this link.

Could they at least draw embarrassed faces in the last panel there? It makes it seem like sex removes your face...^~^

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