16 March 2010

K-ON on national tv

Yeah, today the nation rejoice for the premier of K-ON! on cable TV animax. I can't believe the hype around this show. For the past few weeks, all you heard was K-ON! this and K-ON! that. They even did a cosplay event or some Anime Showdown to celebrate the airing of the show.

This is definitely the most over-rated anime show to date. I enjoy it to an extend (filler for bored time) but other than that it was nothing special.

Having said that, I too has fallen victim of the extensive and successful marketing of K-ON! I have bought the complete set of nendos of the K-ON! members and figma of Tanaka Ritsu but that's because they are just too damn cute and not because I am big fan of the show.

I seriously hope people won't get too much brain damage from watching the ridiculous moe-ness in this show, now that its going nationwide. I pray that at least the second season of K-ON! would has one plot in it. Please KyoAni, grant my wish!

p/s: K-ON on Animax every Tuesday at 8pm.




yeah. the same fucking reaction. I didn't watch it but some says that it was dubbed. The world is coming to an end.

Hell Yeah!!! Lol!

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