17 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Finally got a chance to watch Alice in Wonderland today. I went in with an expectation that I will blown away after hearing all the hype and praises for the film. Well, was I blown away? Keep on reading and don't tl;dr me you biatch because this won't even be that long. I ain't gonna spoil anything to anyone.

The start of the movie is really good but kinda cliche. Actually the whole movie is cliche. Who doesn't know of Alice in Wonderland right? We all have heard of it growing up, or read about it and some might have even saw the old movie of it.

Even though there might be some twist of plots, the principal of the story remains the same.

But credits have to be given to Tim Burton for his imaginations and creativeness. That, ultimately, what make this movie enjoyable and different.

People are queuing to see the movie for several reasons in my opinion.

  1. They are fans of Tim Burton. He's rather famous for his oddities that are often reflected in his movies. I'm one of those people.
  2. They are fans of Johnny Depp. Self explanatory really and yep, I'm of the those people as well.
  3. The superb marketing strategy. The hype around this show is amazing!
  4. Their friends asked them to come along
The end of the movie somehow kinda anti-climatic for me. It felt too abrupt. I expected more so obviously I was kinda disappointed. It would be awesome to have more bloody scene than chitty-chatter. Oh wait, this movie is rated U (safe) >_>

My favorite characters gotta be the Red Queen and the White Queen. Helena Bonham Carter, just like usual, wow me again with her versatility. She and Burton are match made in heaven imo because both are half mad. They complete each other lol. I like to mention Anne Hathaway too. Her 'gracefulness' as the White Queen tickles my funny bones. I like to try walking like her when I meet my friends and see how they react. I probably will get a kick in the butt and then I shall yell "Off with their heads!" or dicks if they are males *chuckles* Special mention for Matt Lucas as well. Tweedledum and Tweedledee are oddly (what's not odd in this movie?) entertaining.

Now, don't be so quick to hang me because I did not say that Mad Hatter is my favorite character. I personally think that this is not the best performance by Depp. Somehow it feels like it lack something. Some soul perhaps? I dunno but I just don't feel him.

As for Alice, well... I don't feeling her too much either but I love her dress when she was Red Queen's favorite when she pretends she was from Umbridge. I want skirt just like that.

Kudos for the special effect teams for making me feels like I am part of Wonderland, like I am actually there.

In conclusion, I wasn't blown away by this movie. Can't even say that it impresses me. But I know people who really enjoyed it and wanted to go see it again. Each to his/her own.


Helena Bonham Carter is probably one if not my favorite actress. I was going to see this movie, but the only people who haven't seen it that wanted to see it that I know have gone back to school or already seen it without me, and I'll be damned if I go see a movie alone (because I just don't roll like that).

I mean sure, I know people who have seen movies alone, and they say it's fine, I don't even know why I care, but whatever.

That being said, I still haven't seen Where the Wild Things Are, and I really wanted to see that. In fact, I didn't see it for the EXACT same reason why I most likely will not see this.

Johnny Depp does good shit, did you know they're making another Pirates of the Carribean?

In fight club, Helena Bonham Carter kicked ass. She's pretty hot too.

I need to do homework. This was a comment that went in all different directions, and I am satisfied with it.

I have no problem watching movie alone. Has done it a few times. Usually when I am in a bad mood and don't want to meet with people I know. It's some sort of a distress treatment for me. lol

I haven't seen Where the Wild Things Are either. I am a bit too busy to do anything else besides work. The only reason I managed to watch Alice was because my boss wasn't around.

Johnny Depp is exceptional. I love him and has watched all the films he starred in. I love him in Secret Windows and Sleepy Hollows.

I agree that Helena Bonham Carter kicked ass. She's the only one appropriate to be the Red Queen. I love her works as well.

Having said that, you need to watch this movie.

I feel Alice is quite old... I thought she suppose to be a teens.

She's about to turn 20 in the movie. Maybe that's why I don't feel her much?

I like the part when the movie started till it it ended

this would be awesome if it did not deviate from the original story. The attempt for a sequel is what, imo, made this movie falls short.

thanks for your review.. its helps.. ;P

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