15 March 2010

Bahrain GP 2010

It has been a while since I get up-to-date with Formula 1. I totally lost interest for the sport after Massa crashed last year. The race was a bore-fest. The steady incline of my passion towards Formula 1 however is the result of my hatred for Loser - I mean Lewis Hamilton. Him winning the Driver Championship in 2008 was the last straw. He won because Renault cheated and Glock helped him. I don't buy the lies.

I quit my job as an editor for F1 web magazine last year because I have lost the spark that I once had for the sport.

However, after watching the Bahrain GP last night, I realized that the spark has been rekindled. I still hate Lewis but I don't let him ruined the race for me last night. I also realized that I am out of the loop and totally dislike the feelings. I can't recognized the driver behind some of the cars. That kinda sucks because I have always been able to tell who is who. I don't even know that Nick Heidfeld is no longer driving for Formula 1 or the existence of Hispania Racing Team *cries*

But enough of me being over-dramatic. The first race of the season last night provided some good entertainment. I think they did a good job replacing Australia as the season opener.

The race started with Vettel at the front, leading from pole position. This kid is a force to be reckon with. I have a good hunch about him when I saw him driving for BMW few years back. Man, how he has matured! Alonso and Massa were second and third respectively till until only 14 laps left when Vettel's car suddenly lost power which allowed Alonso, Massa and Loser to overtook him. I feel for the kid. The race should have been his yesterday but hey, I am not gonna complained. Ferrari won 1-2!! Alonso's first race with Ferrari and he won it. I would preferred Massa to be on top of the podium but I'm just glad that he's fit enough to finish second. I really missed him last year.

Rosberg wins ahead of his veteran team mate, Schumacher. Heh that must blows for the former world champion. Having said that I am happy that my home team (Mercedes Petronas GP) managed to gather 18 points.

Kudos to Malaysia second team, Lotus Racing for finishing the race although Trulli has to retired at the last lap because of hydraulic problems. At least they beat their rival, Team Virgin that saw both of their drivers retired.

Oh yeah, they changed the point system this year. The winner no longer get 10 points. Now the winner for each race will received 25 points followed with 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 for the top 10. I personally like the new point system. It will increase rivalry and consequently promised entertainment plus drama on the track. Ultimately that's what the fans want to see.

By the way, I want to complain about one thing that kinda tick me off: BMW Sauber F1 Team's choice of drivers. Kobayashi and De la Rosa? WTF? I was/am a fan of Sauber since the very beginning but this pairing imo is lackluster. Also, they change the color of Sauber? I almost did not recognize the car on the track!

It still looks good though

But hey I look forward to Australia! *dance*


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