17 March 2010

First Impression: Working!!

I remember saying that I will probably going to like this show. Something about the description kinda intrigued me (hint: the word strange). Also, this is produced by A1 Pictures. I love some of their works (Kannagi and Oofuri to name a couple) so I have quite an expectation for this show as well. I am quite surprise that the first episode is already out. It was scheduled to release on April 4, if I am not mistaken.

edit: It seems like this is a special episode or something.

The episode started off with a busy day at the Wagnaria restaurant and the conversation that followed was about finding a new part-timer, who, you guessed it, is the protagonist in this show.

Taneshima Popura, one of the waitress at the restaurant was given the task to find the new part-timer so she went on the streets but phailed to find one until she met with a stranger, which will (eventually) be the protagonist, Takanashi Shouta, and offered him the job. Shouta mistook her as a lost child (who wouldn't?)

I understand your confusion, Shouta

I got a feeling that Taneshima will be an annoying character that I have to deal with but the show promised lots of other interesting characters so I think they balanced her out perfectly. For example:
  • the manager, Shirafuji Kyoko, is a straight forward kinda girl. She didn't do much work and is honest about it as she told Shouta with a straight face. Then she told a customer that she needs to burn the ugly fat when she complained about the restaurant was too hot. That's hilarious. And she's very sensitive when it comes to her age.
  • Satou Jun who looks so damn cool with his hair covering half of his face. I'm not sure if that's hygienic enough for a chef though since his hair might gets in the food.
  • Souma Hiroomi, the chatty blue-haired person who seems to be closed friends with with Satou. He's also one of the chef. Apparently the chefs in Wagnaria are all good looking hunks.
  • Todoroki Yachiyo, the shift leader who carries around a katana on her waist, even during working hour. She NEVER opens her eyes, that's how fucking badass she is.
  • And then there's Miharu Inami who is androphobic. Shouta got punched in the face as a greeting! lmao I have never met an anime character that's androphobic before.
  • Let's not forget the forgettable protagonist, shall we? Takanashi Shouta is just like any other male out there. I love hearing his thoughts. At first I was afraid if he has any romantic feelings for Taneshima because that would just ruined everything. To my big relief, he is kinda a weirdo ^o^
So much win!

As you can tell, this first episode is pretty much an introductory episode for all the characters. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next episode already.

animation & art 8/10
story 8/10
character 9/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10


I often find that character-driven series are generally and easily appealing even the ones with the most average quality. I'm planning to keep an eye on the aniblogsphere's reaction a little longer before starting this show.

Obviously this is one of the best show of Spring 2010, or of the year 2010.

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