18 March 2010

Bleach: Chapter 396

OMG a color spread of Byakuya. I just know that this is going to be one hell of a chapter. I mean, how can one go wrong with a color spread like that right? Yeah I thought so.

And what do you know... We got Aizen admitting that he made a miscalculation when he underestimated the old fuck. That is definitely a good sign. Remember, Aizen just don't make mistake. Period. But when he does, you just know something good is about to happen. Like ...

Eh?! but we already know all of this from last week's chapter? Did we just had a fucking flashback?! We did but nevermind! (I'm writing this as if I am speaking at the top of my voice. That's how fucking excited I am XD)

Am I seeing things? O_o

Yeah, apparently the almight Aizen has been cut but why the fuck am I chuckling like mad? LOL because I fucking know that Aizen will start his preach any time now. For someone so fucking genius, he is damn predictable.

The wound healed. I was surprised when he said it's not high-speed regeneration and revealed that he did not turn himself into a hollow. WTF? I guess this kinda said that Tousen was weak and needed hollow transformation to turn himself into a bug *chuckles* Oh man, I still can't believe he turned into a fly. What a fucked up fucker...

Whoa... hold on a fucking minute. He has the Hougyoku installed on himself? Yep, this pretty much explained his fucking ridiculous power now, isn't it? I was worried if Kubo made him so Godly just based on plot-kai alone *breathes a sigh of relief*

I have been repeatedly said that Aizen is a perfectionist and he never leave any stone unturned. He has been planning his betrayal from hundred years ago when he turned part of the captain and fukutaicho of the Gotei 13 into a Vaizard. So naturally he has been planning Ichigo's fate as a shinigami as well. I am not surprised at all when he revealed this.

However... I am quite curious on how did he find out about Ulquiorra's battle with Ichigo. Does this means he knows of Ulquiorra's second resurrection? Didn't Ulquiorra (God bless him) said that even Aizen didn't know about it? Fuck, I need Ulquiorra to revive like NIAO!!

Also, lets not forget the most important thing about this chapter: the old fuck is most probably dead. Rejoice oh children of the world!! >=D

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Aizen knows all. That's all we need to know...

well duh. He's the God.

Ok let today be known that old fuck has died!
Wouldn't it be funny if his bankai revives people from the dead? like a phoenix lol

*gasps* that just might be his plot-kai! >_<

holy crap, i forgot about the Hougyoku. and what if the old fuck only sacrificed his arm for that technique... it really didnt do any damage lol

...all this time Aizen just wanted a worthy lover, thats why he was helping Ichigo get stronger XD

It gave an opening for Ichigo to cut down Aizen. And obviously it is only his hand that's gone. No good guys are allowed to be dead in Bleach >_>

well this was an interesting turn of events... i did not expect him to fuse with the hougyoku... and also i keep forgetting that aizen has a bankai... if he releases it... will the whole world die?

or will kenpachi come and kick his ass? that would make me happy

i want to see triple combo of kenpachi-byakuya-mayuri raping his ass. That would be a sight to behold.

'For someone so fucking genius, he is damn predictable.'

...That nails it on the forehead, actually...
So is Aizen going to con Ichigo to his side somehow? That's what he makes it sound like. He doesn't know the specifics about Ichigo's fight with Ulquiorra though, it seems. I guess Ichigo still has that super awesome plus hollow form to surprise Aizen with one more time.

Byakuya was drinking Starbucks. That bothered me a little. So extravagant.

"...all this time Aizen just wanted a worthy lover, thats why he was helping Ichigo get stronger XD"

This made me lol. :D

This chapter has been better than some of the past couple ones. I saw the end coming, but at the same time I want to know what's going to happen next, so I'm happy. ^^

Aizen must be way over his head if he thinks Ichigo will join him, Ningyo but that would definitely be interesting turned of event. Also, Aizen implied that he knew Ichigo has achieved more than just a Vaizard form at that top of the dome.

Clowder, I understand you. That's kinda how I feel too ^^

p/s: Byakuya deserves only the extravagant!

I hate when Aizen preaches, but otherwise, this is an interesting development.

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