23 January 2010

He will be missed

I received a shocking news yesterday when a friend of mine called me around 3pm telling me that our beloved Sultan has passed away. The news however weren't confirmed until later that night when I was outside, having a meeting with friends at the Roost.

It was a sad occasion for all Johorean for he was the best Sultan around. He was legendary with his rather epic antics and famous for his mix-match of baju melayu with slacks that has become a trend for the other Johorean. He didn't seems to follow the protocol of the castle. I am not exaggerating when I said that he was the most Rock n Roll Sultan in history. He sometimes addressed himself and others with just 'aku' and 'kau' ('I' and 'You') instead of 'Beta' ('We' or 'Us'). His flamboyant lifestyle may caused discomfort (he carried a gun on his waist when he went out in public. EPIC) but at least he was not hypocrite about it unlike the others. Having said that, he often reminded his people of our independence so that we would cherish the freedom. This can be witness through his patriotic speeches. He was also the last Sultan that has the power of daulat.

He passed away at 7:15pm on January 22, 2010 at the age of 77. He has been the Sultan of Johor since 1984. I was 3 years old back then.

So here, I pay my respect for Al-Marhum DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Almutawakkil Alallah, Sultan Iskandar Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Ismail. Al-Fatihah.

A true Johorean indeed.

You will be missed.


yuppss he was the most rock n roll Sultan in history!!proud to hv sultan like him..proud to b JOHOrean...


What! Sultan of Johor passed away?! I also know him as one of a good Sultan around. Really sad...

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