15 January 2010

GSC is evil

I just got my nendoroid of Mio Akiyama and have put my deposit for nendoroid Ritsu Tainaka, Yui Hirasawa and the latest Tsumugi Kotobuki. I am only a fan of Ritsu but decided to get the rest of them so that I can put them in a group for my collection so it would look nice and shit.

Guess what I have just learned today though? GSC are coming out with the maid version of Mio and Ritsu on a stage! I mean, WTF?!


They also came up with different sculptures for BRS. I feel sorry for the fans man.

By the way, if you are wondering why have I not documented Mio and my other new figures yet, it is because a friend of mine borrowed my camera and have not given it back yet -__-


i just saw this too, holy cr@p! i want! lucky i held out on getting the K-ON! nendos and BRS PVC... yet i still have no cash to spend XDDD

they are going crazy with the variations and exclusives, trying to milking us dry.

same friend that broke your lens? what happened with that incident!

yeah same friend. I haven't heard anything from him yet >_>

and like you said, GSC is really milking us dry. I am so going to hunt my Bleach's chara after this and ignores GSC.

They always do that. BRS SWORD VER.? They think we defecate money. Well, the hobby industry is like that. Milk them so dry you can use them as sandpaper.

K-ON? No, this is all wrong. At least tell me you have a Krauser figure.

I am waiting for my local store to re-stock the figure. It is sold out :(

I have a Shrek though. LOL

Oh wow, I think that Mio is probably the cutest nendo ever.
If you have been reading OEG, GSC is apparently very very bad.

Yes, OEG kinda educates me a lot when it comes to this lifestyle of mine.

Shrek FTMFW! Lol...

Ritsu is THE Nendo!
Though, reading Baka-R's comment. I wonder if there will ever be a krauser nendo. THAT would cause an uproar... Lol.

they have come out with the figma version. I am very tempted to get Yui because the black stockings turn me on. lol

I'm gonna wait for Ritsu and see if she's alright as a figma.

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