14 December 2009

Gintama movie is confirmed

This time around it is for real! Fucking w00t!!

The movie which is known as Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-Hen is scheduled to be released in Japan on November 24, 2010. As the title implies, the film will depict a new version of the popular Benizakura story arc from the television anime series. In case you are not sure what the episodes for the arc are, it is from episode 58 to 61. Effing glorious. And since I'm a good mood, here are some of the snippets from the arc.

Aqua Timez's Velonica is freaking awesome ^__^

By the way, Warner Bros Japan is producing the movie and they came out with a teaser a month ago. I can't believe I missed it -___-


That looks really good!
It actually makes me want to start watching Gintama. The only reason I never watched this was because I did not want to get into a long series, but since I've stopped Naruto and Bleach, this can fill that void that's been left for my weekly long term anime.

You MUST. No but or if!

This is the greatest series on earth I have watched 160 since june 2009. I am so glad they are actually turning the Benizakura arc into a film. Aside from the Yoshiwara ark (which they should also turn into a film) it is the best arc. If you have not seen the series head over to www.crunchyroll.com to watch them TV quality for free... and its completley legal.

lol thanks for the heads up but I have the DVD. Did you hear about them getting the cut in April? =(

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