11 December 2009

Bleach: Chapter 385

Oh seems like Komamura is really angry at Tousen now. Not that it would make any difference... but still, a mad dog-face is pretty scary in my opinion.

But holy shit. That is nothing! Aizen fucking draw his zanpaktou dammit


You see, I know he's no perturbed by any of what Shinji is saying, but it is pretty cool to see Shinji has that kind of confidence. Maybe because he was his former captain or something but I definitely was fapping at his words ^__^

Apparently, his zanpaktou has similar if not the same power as Aizen. FUCK YES! BAM!!

*fucking fap*

But of course, Kubo decided to torture us and instead of focusing on the greatness that is Shinji vs Aizen, he brought us back to Tousen vs Komamura. As expected, Komamura and his bankai, at this early in the stage, got their asses pretty much screwed by Tousen.

Euwwww that's freaking nasty =\

Hmm, looks like Tousen has somehow infected by Aizen's words diarrhea disease too. He explained the reason why he joined the Gotei 13: revenge. Errr.... no duh! Why Komamura is so surprise is something I don't understand.

I always knew Tousen is a little short in the head ^__^

no duh!! *facepalm*

Before Komamura got a chance to make his move, Tousen gone through yet another resurrection. Heh, wonderful... this is >3

So overall I am pretty satisfied with this chapter. Possibly because Shinji is awesome again @_@

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


It's pretty interesting that Tousen has a resurrecion now. I wonder if that replaces his bankai. Don't think any of the Vizards can go resurrecion though, but may be Ichigo will be able to eventually.

I always thought that they can simply because the hollow can do the same thing.

I just want to see Shinji resurrect!

I really loved this chapter too only because of Shinji. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can do. His thing is really appropriate too.

The Tousen fight is getting a little annoying though... Too much spewing of useless philosophy and justice ideals.

shinji = instant orgasm ^__^

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