23 November 2009

Is Kubo a senile old fart now?

Remember in the last chapter when Ichigo said Inoue healed him back at the top of the dome? Okay, here's the problem... Ichigo did not have a wound after he was finished with Ulquiorra! All his wounds were healed/regenerated thanks to his badass hollow powers (chapter 353). Even the hole in his chest was healed, wasn't it?


Recap on chapter 382 >_>

Did Kubo forgot his own story or was he trying to fuck his readers' minds with all these contradicted facts?


Maybe Ichigo was just referring to other scratches and such lol? Yeah the picture doesn't make much sense. Honestly though, Bleach has bigger problems right now than consistency issues.

Problem such as?

Oh wow, I didn't even realize this. Maybe he's referring to the damages from Yammy. I don't remember, but was there time between the captains showing up and Ichigo leaving?

You see Yi, Inoue wasn't present when he was fighting Yammy.

hes talking about being healed earlier meaning durning his time in hueco mundo? how many times did Inoue heal him in there, like 3 times? and those images are just an overall flashback of a time he asked her that? i dunno...

when he said 'earlier' we all presumed he was talking about the time on top of the dome AFTER he fought Ulquiorra, not BEFORE.

Yea... he messed up. Good catch. I'm not sure anyone else noticed this.

I think you have a very valid point. I hate it when the authors forget what they have written but it always happens. >.< We just have to close one eye to it i suppose.

I think the hollow basically used all of it's power to heal the mortal wounds and save it's life, in the process wearing itself out and giving ichigo a chance to get back in control(which may never have happened otherwise. we might well have seen ichigo fullly hollowify. he already seemed closer to an arrancar than a vizard. I mean he looks like the epitome of a vasto lorrde.)

anyway, i'm getting sidetracked. point is that it didn't heal EVERY injury and he was still worn out regardless.

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