13 November 2009

Bleach: Chapter 382

Ichigo hurries to earth to find Aizen. Will he be victorious?

OMG! *facepalm* the opening of the chapter really pissed the hell out of me. Of course he wouldn't be victorious unless of course he got another plotkai you (insert insult here) mangaka! RAWRRRR!!!


Alright enough with the rant.

I never knew that his shihakusho represents his reiatsu. Does this mean he will be naked if he was spent? Oh I like the sound of that! *giggles*

It was a good discoveries. So now Unohana will realizes that is impossible for Ichigo to fight Aizen. I mean like... no duh! He has been fighting since his foot touched down on Hueco Mundo. I am not sure why she was so surprised about it. Just goes to show how stupid shinigami of Gotei 13 can be...

But wait...

WTF?! *facepalm*

Meanwhile back in Hueco Mundo, Yammy was down, thanks to Kenpachi. Of course he will not be dead that easily. Because of his frustration, he fired a badass cero towards Kenpachi and Byakuya who were bickering about who should finish him off.

awesome moment right there ^o^

Funny thing is, they weren't affected by the cero at all. It will be another disappointing end fitting for shit fucker like Yammy. People had been saying that number 0 espada is the strongest and I have disagreed with that fact since they revealed it was Yammy who wears that number. He might be big but definitely not the strongest. Just look at how easy Kenpachi cut him to big chunk of steak meats and he did not even have to take off his eye patch. Disappointing is it not?


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Oh by the way... I have passed the mark of 10,000 hits yesterday. I is too freaking lazy and out of idea of what to write. It is a great milestone nonetheless, considering that it hit that number in less than 3 months. You guys are made of awesomesauce ^__^


I always had a feeling Yammy is going to end up terrible too. In my experience, if someone is really really huge, he usually turns out to be equally crappy too.

Is there a possibility of Kenpachi fighting Byakuya? I would so love to see that.

Congratulations on 10,000. ^ ^

not to mention that they are usually pretty stupid ^^

and yep, I would kill to see Byakuya kicking Kenpachi's ass XD

Yammy has continued to disappoint. Being taken down by Kenpachi with eyepatch and Byakuya without bankai is pretty weak. I think Kubo has completely abandoned the Espada line-up, so might as well just kill Yammy off.

It just sucks. After all the build up and initial glimpse of potential epic battle, we all thought that the espada will give the captains of Gotei 13 the run for their money. Alas, Kubo just realized that this has taken long enough and suddently bad guys started dropping like flies... >=(

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