25 November 2009

Bleach: Episode 247

It was gay that Yourichi took longer than necessary to finish off Haineko and Tobiume. Wasn't she an ex-captain AND the head of Special Cops? Phailed. The same for Kenpachi. Just fucking blow the cave off with his reiatsu already. Have they forgotten that they were there to save the old fuck?

The fight between Shunsui and his zanpaktous however was pretty good. He was laid back but did not let his guard down. As for Ukitake... heh, I can't help but smile at his fatherly way of handling those kids.

Oh apparently all the zanpaktous were on the defensive. They must have something up their sleeves. All the more reason for the captains to hurry and put an end to their fights, right?


I facepalmed when Ichigo said "Everyone's expecting me to rescue Yamamoto". I mean WTF? You are not oblige to do so, Ichigo! The old fuck does not even acknowledge you as a shinigami! Can't they see what Muramasa has planned for Ichigo? And when they finally realized that, it was all too late... bah!

Shiny eyes, an indication that the fight will be badass.

Holy fuck, I got goosebumps when they showed Ichigo attacking Muramasa in slow motion and when he parried Getsuga Tenshou towards the old fuck, I jumped out of my seat. Fucking w00t!!! Ryujin Jakka is no longer belongs to the old fuck! Muahahaha

This is awesome. All these while we thought that Muramasa was after Ichigo's zanpaktou when in truth he was fucking using everyone! >=D

He's so made of win

Who wanna bet that Byakuya will be the one who will defeat Muramasa in the end? *giggles*


Omfg I can't wait to watch this. I was a bit annoyed how I had to stop and wait for new episodes to keep coming out and thought about just not even keeping up anymore, but I gotta admit, things are heating up.

WHAT? How can you even think of stopping! WHO ARE YOU?! *dramatic theme*

Yeah, for once I am actually excited watching a filler...

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