01 October 2009

Fade to Blade: IchiRuki mode

fanart (c) eiko-chan

Right, as promised they have released the RAW version of Fade to Black yesterday, September 30th. I didn't waste my time downloading the gem. With the released of RAW file, this mean that the sub version would be released by next week (the latest, hopefully).

Everyone who have ordered and received the limited edition DVD have already writing spoilers and squirted me with their loads. They all agreed that it is definitely a movie made for Ichigo and Rukia. The IchiRuki is so heavily implied, you just have to open your heart and accept the truth.

You can argue that it is not canon. My response? Heh, bull. You just have to read what people are saying about this movie and go sulks in the corner with your dick in your mouth for all I care >D

The following are some of the goodies inside of the limited edition DVD (fark, I couldn't get my hands on them!) (credit to karenai from LJ)

height comparison

As you can see, the characters were drawn by Kubo himself. This in my book, made this movie canon >3

I love the tag line for this movie: STORY THAT RECONSTRUCTS THE WORLD OF BLEACH. It just seems so appropriate somehow with what Kubo is trying to convey to us, in term of shipping-wise.

According to karenai, even the goodies and wot not is so IchiRuki oriented. Want proves?

I have been in IchiRuki mode since Monday. As I finish writing this post, I've decided to continue to be on Bleach/IchiRuki mode until Fade to Black sub is released. Prepare to see me splatters my load on your computer screen!

I'm gonna end this post with some of my all time fav IchiRuki fanarts.

(c) eiko-chan

(c) NTDevont and eiko-chan

(c) quaedam

I live for IchiRuki ^o^


Sorry, but ichihime is the way to go.

heh whatever rock your boat Yi. Unfortunately IchiHime is never going to happen :)

Can I still watch this and not be a Bleach fan? what I mean is I don't watch bleach so if i were to watch this would I understand anything?

Hehe, we'll see about that. ^ ^

@Cid: I wouldn't know. I would think that it is made to cater to everyone outside Bleach fandom. So yeah? Why don't you start with the 1st and 2nd movie first and see if you like it.

@Yi: Kubo will either makes it an open-ended shipping or go with IchiRuki ^^

FUCK Ichihime - Stupid Orihime - Ichihime is so one sided - and Crazy - - Orihime should Go stick with Ishida/Chad or better yet why wont she just kill herself and stay with Ulquiorra 4ever --


You are officially my number one anonymous friend atm ^^

Isupport ye!Orihime stupid!Ichiruki Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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