01 October 2009

Bleach: Episode 239

(This post will be chronology fucked as usual ^_^)

So Muramasa source of power is by absorbing hollows?

Crap. The fight between Momo and Tobiume bore me to death. Less talk more action women, just like Matsumoto and Haineko.

Prime example on how to treat a bitch

However Tobiume speaks the truth. Everyone is nice to Momo out of courtesy. Who wanna be friends with a fucking obsessive retard anyway?

When the two shinigami women said those kidou spells and missed, I knew that they are aiming at each other zanpaktou. Heh, props. Momo has always been good with kidou. However once she start yapping, all is lost. No wonder Aizen chose her to be his fukutaicho. They are both suffering from the same disease: words/speech diarrhea.

moment worthy of fangasm #1

moment worthy of fangasm #2

The hypocrisy of Hyourinmaru's words makes me laugh though. He would be utterly disappointed when he found out that Toushiro is his true master. Unless he's a pedophile, which I suspect he is ^_^

But his fight with Toushiro makes me nerdgasm for the sheer quality of it. I have never realized this before, or I chose to ignore it, but damn Toushiro's power is pretty. All those hail flowers that he summoned... hawt *nosebleed*

moment worthy of fangasm #3

Since I've watch the preview of this episode, I was looking forward to Toushiro's flashback. Simply because of this:

my pedo sense is tingling ^o^

Look... if I'm not mistaken this flashback is canon. I remember reading it in the manga special chapter. Anyway it is nice to know how exactly Toushiro get recruited to be a shinigami. I didn't expect Matsumoto though (totally forgot about that). Damn, she is an old hag. Oh and it is also kinda nice to see him just as a child instead of a taicho.

The flashback reminds me of Diamond Dust Rebellion. Ah... fun fangasm time...

moment worthy of fangasm #4

As for Ichigo... he chould have Getsuga Tensho-ed the damn ice pillar from the beginning! *facepalm*

p/s: I think the omake was cute >3


Bleach is one of the fantastic animated action show. i love this show and have all collections include 239. As Entire Bleach episodes instinct with the action of adventuristic characters. Rukia Kuchiki is one of that and my favorite character.
The entire storyline wraps up just perfect. and as Bleach is a solid anime, worthy of any fans collection.

I think I just found myself a new best friend. ^_^

I am such a Bleachtard. The series remains to be my favorite and definitely one of the best shounen anime out there. I can't tell you the reason why I love it here. There's not enough space for that XD

Kuchiki Rukia is my favorite character too. Ichigo, Ulquiorra and Gin are close second.

I too have the complete collection, including the manga.

I think Ichigo could only break through after Toshiro had won. Once he used ryuzenka on hyorinmaru Ichigo notice the ice finally start to give way. Hyorimaru's power was broken pretty much and Ichigo finally had his chance.

You are underestimated both Ichigo and Getsuga Tenshou. Though I like Toshiro, I don't think he's a match for Ichigo

Well, in the second and third movies they fought, and Toshiro beat Ichigo easily both times. Hyorinmaru found the same kido that had Ichigo completely trapped to be a joke, so that's pretty strong evidence that Hyorinmaru alone is stronger than Ichigo, at least at that point.

In the episode it's rather clear what's going on since the camera focuses on the ice finally cracking then on Ichigo's 'realization' face right before he uses the Getsuga Tenshou.

The question is why Ichigo didn't use his mask, which is what he does when his bankai doesn't cut it (which seems like always). Then again, the only person to break out of senen hyoro is Harribel, who is much stronger than Ichigo was at that point even with his hollow mask. Still, it wouldn't have hurt to try that even if Ichigo was worried that if the Getsuga Tenshou failed in such a small space he'd end up hurting himself.

well, if you said so...

I still believe that Ichigo > everyone else because that's what Kubo thinks as well.

By now in the manga he probably is stronger than most people besides for Old man. Back then, when he wasn't sure he could beat Byakuya again, he definately wasn't.

he wasn't sure but we all know that he can isn't it?

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